I’m Finished: Last Days, by Adam Nevill


As per my usual, here’s my Goodreads review. Sharing is caring. It’s a quickie this time, because as much as I’d like to really love Last Days, a book doesn’t get unconditional love from me if I’m able to set it down for over a week with no itch to pick it back up.

Dunno how I feel about this book. There were times when I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, and there were times when it sat untouched for days.

Still, the story is interesting even if there are times when the writing (editing?) is choppy. Nevill definitely knows how to describe horrific acts and monstrous people that do monstrous things. This is the kind of book you bring on vacation, so you’ll finish it in one go. Otherwise, like me, you may put it down and pick it up again much later.

Minus one star for the ending that felt like the author was running out of paper and had to wrap it up Right Now. Also, for the “Oh Noes!” twist that wasn’t.

3 out of 5 stars.

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