Awesome Con was, in fact, awesome.

AwesomeCon Logo 2015I won’t lie.  I decided to go to Awesome Con because a whole bunch of my friends were going.  And yes, I’d jump off that cliff.  Thanks for asking.

I feared that it’d be the same ol’ thing I can get at Baltimore Comic-Con, or a slew of other near(ish) cons I attend yearly.  But I found myself really enjoying myself.  Why?  One word: PANELS.  This con gave me something I hadn’t experienced in quite a while; the opportunity to see several stars of the same show discussing…stuff.  And that was a blast.  I love it when  creators come together to chat and answer questions, so seeing folks from Supernatural, LOTR and Once Upon A Time was a treat.  A treat I didn’t think I’d want, as I was spoiled rotten subjected to much Disney stuff as a child, thanks to an Aunt who did their PR.  (If I still had even 10% of the swag she’d routinely deposit on my kitchen table, I’d probably be Queen of Disney History.  Or at least the dumpy handmaiden in the back.)


* COUNT GOR DE VOL!  He was my Saturday night horror hero back in DC, when he did the weekly Creature Feature on Channel 20.  (He’s now online with his show, and it’s still as groovy.)  Seeing him in the flesh was a bucket list item I never thought I’d get the chance to come close to.  Plus, he was a fantastic moderator for…

* Queens of Darkness: Kristin Bauer (Maleficient), Merrin Dungey (Ursula) and Victoria Smurfit (Cruella de Vil) were gracious, full of behind-the-scenes tidbits, and funny as hell.  Who knew that Colin O’Donoghue would sing “All About That Bass” in-between takes, or that it takes a certain walk to deal with tentacles?  Plus, Bauer thinks Pam could take Maleficient in a grudge match.  I believe her.

* Mark Pellegrino: a tie for my favorite panel.  He talked about acting methods (his?  Meisner.) and was super nice to all the rabid fans, including the shippers.  Yes, I said he was cool with the shipping. Best moment?  When someone asked what he’d do (rather, what Lucifer would do) if he/Lucifer came back to Earth, Mark said he’d love that, “just so I can kick Crowley’s ass!”  Win.

* Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival: Spooky Movie came to the con armed with short films, screeners and Q&A’s.  It was a lovely apéritif for their own Fest, but there was so much scary that a horror fan could fill his/her weekend with SM creepiness.  I sat in on a few short film compliations, and saw (again) my beloved Count.  Huzzah!

* The Slayerettes: there’s always a ton of stuff going on down in the Merch Hall of Despair and Wallet Damnation, but my favorites have to be The Slayerettes.  It’s not often that I get to wallow in one of my all-time favorite fandoms — that’d be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, naturally — and these ladies were knowledgeable and fun.  Plus, I got interviewed!  We’ll see if my squeaky voice makes it to an actual podcast, but being able to swoon over my favorite characters (Giles = hotness, Willow = Best Scooby) was a ton of fun.

But what was it like, seeing all the famousness in one place?  Honestly, it was kinda like Famous Person Zoo; I could walk by and see folks, freaking out when necessary.  (Bonus: never getting to their tables means I never embarassed myself in front of anyone I admire. Woot!)  And no, I couldn’t make the Doctor Who, BtVS or George Takei panels.  Why?  Waaaaaay too much to do!  Perhaps next year…hint hint, people.

So, here’s a slideshow of what I saw at Awesome Con.  I’ll be back, oh yes.  And next time, I’ll cosplay something that requires a jacket.  Because they really crank the A/C, and I’m not a White Walker.  Yet…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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