The Huntsman Winter’s War: trailer and spiffy new Girl Power posters!

Huntsman Winters War Collage

Well, Snow White and the Huntsman was…a thing.  Okay; it was beautiful, but a bit wobbly.  A lot wobbly.  That whole KStew thing didn’t help that poor film either.  But hopefully with the Snow White story jettisoned and a new director at the helm (that’d be Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, the man responsible for the gorgeous FX in the original Huntsman), here’s hoping that things will fare much better.  Or at least the film will have more of an even tone.

The trailer shows a war between sisters — the Ice Queen (Emily Blunt) and the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron).  And it looks like this is when Hemsworth’s Huntsman meets his much-beloved wife Sara (Jessica Chastain), [PREQUEL SPOILER ALERT] whom he was still mourning in the first film.  Guessing Chastain’s character will be an incredible badass, but one that won’t make it past the end credits.  Unless she’s trapped by magic…?  Hey, this series is supposed to be a trilogy.  So guess we’ll see.

Not sure I love the borderline silly singsong narrative in the trailer; it doesn’t quite work for me.  But I do love the girl power vibe with these posters, and am happy to see Dominic Watkins’ breathtaking production design and Colleen Atwood’s gorgeous, Oscar-nominated costumes are coming back for this sequel.  Plus, who doesn’t want to see Theron and Blunt throw magic around?

The Huntsman Winter’s Tale hits theaters April 22nd, 2016. Check out the trailer below, and clicky on the picture above for the high-res deets!

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