Wayback Machine — Swamp Thing: The Series

Every now and then I get very lazy.  So, why not link to old reviews I’ve written?  Plus, it shines a light on two of my very favorite sites, so there’s that.  Today?  A review I wrote for Green Man Review in February, 2009 and re-published March 2011 when we spun off into Sleeping Hedgehog.  If you want to read the whole thing (or better still, take a gander at the reviews from the other reviewers, for they are the awesome), clicky!

By Denise Kitashima Dutton, on March 22nd, 2011

This review was first published, quite naturally, on Green Man Review.

What it ought to be is dumped down the toilet, is where it ought to be….Good or bad, evil or successes, never throw anything away. – Dr. Anton Arcane, episode #5, “Blood Wind”

That seems to have been the thought process behind the folks at Shout Factory when they put out this boxed set.  It’s probably what drove the folks who made this series in the first place.  Sure, Swamp Thing wasn’t the most well-known superhero in the D.C. Comics stable, but Wes Craven’s campy but cool movie adaptation and its so-so sequel shone the light on this character, paving the way for other opportunities.  Now, with Swamp Thing: The Series, the first 22 episodes (seasons 1 and 2) get a box set treatment.  It’s a completist’s treasure, but a well thought out “Best Of” set with the lesser episodes removed would have been a better crafted, more enjoyable collection.

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