At Home Ideas – “Rocky” watch party tonight!

The ROCKY watch party kicks off Creative Artists Agency’s new “Screening Room with the Stars” series benefiting communities impacted by COVID-19. Viewers will have an opportunity to contribute directly to organizations aiding the relief and recovery using links in the livestream, including the World Health Organization, #FirstRespondersFirst, DonorsChoose, and America’s Food Fund.

Read on for the details! Be well, everyone!

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TrailerWatch – “Antebellum” Janelle Monáe

“We go. Tonight.” (A quote from the movie, but also what I’m hoping to do once this film hits theaters.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing this mind-bender of a horror film, and this new trailer has me even more excited. That cast! That cinematography! That creepy little girl… (EEK) Synopsis!

Successful author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe) finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it’s too late.

Antebellum comes to theaters August 21st.

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The Take deconstructs “The Strong Black Woman Trope” – and you need to check it out

The Take does brilliant video essays that dig into the heart of film and television tropes, themes, and subtexts. I’ve loved their content for years, when they went by ScreenPrism. But this video essay is a powerful one. I’m not ashamed to say I teared up.

Creators? Let’s give black women roles where they don’t have to be strong. They can just be. Thanks.

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At Home Ideas – watch parties! “John Wick”, “Xenon” & “Bucket of Blood”!

I’m loving watch parties right now! It’s a great way to connect with friends, and enjoy (or riff on) films. I got together with a few buddies for Killer Sofa last Friday, and while the movie wasn’t great (not even bad in a good way, it’s just bad), sharing the WTF misery was worth it.

So why not connect with friends tonight and queue up a flick? I’ve got three ideas for you right now…check out one or more after the jump. Have fun and be well!

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Goodreads Review – “Red, White, & Royal Blue”

Yeah, sometimes I’ll just rip a review straight off of what I wrote over at Goodreads. It happens. From my Goodreads account:

Wow. How to put into words all of my feelings about this book? It’s exactly what I needed, what I wanted, and what I had to read right now, while I’m stuck in pandemic lockdown. A beautiful story that’s sweet, hot, funny, and feels real. Yes, it’s an alternate history fairytale. But damn if it doesn’t make me feel fantastic, with believable dialogue, complicated characters, and true love. I need three so much more from this author! I hope she gets on that real soon. Need to feel good? Read this book. You won’t be sorry.
And more thoughts:

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At Home Ideas – The Dark Zone live streams from “The Conjuring” house!

Are YOU ready for 24-7 live stream horror action? Here’s the info straight from the source:

While many of us revel in the perks of an extended staycation, one family’s quarantine situation is almost unthinkable, and they want to give you a front row seat to see what their terrifying lives are like in the real-life Conjuring House. From May 9 to May 16 , The Dark Zone Network proudly presents a 24-7 interactive live streaming event like no other, entitled “The House.” “The House ” is a week-long immersive experience documenting the daily lives of Corey and Jennifer Heinzen, the current residents of the notorious haunted house made famous by the hit film, “The Conjuring;” which chronicled the experiences of the house’s former residents, The Perron family. A little over a year ago the Heinzens moved into the house thinking they could handle whatever came their way; after all, they are paranormal investigators themselves. Almost immediately after the family moved in, paranormal activity reached a fevered pitch, and now they need your help to figure out what lurks in the house with them.


I’m not sure how much tickets will be, but the page says that a pre-sale will be happening soon. So if you’re jonesing for some haunted house fun, get some spooky in your quarantine!

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At Home Review – “The Lighthouse

I’m dealing with no screenings. I’m not dealing well. So, why not throw money at streaming services that are showing stuff that was in the theaters before we all went on lockdown? Here’s my brief – because I’m in Home Mode y’all – look at The Lighthouse!

“Tall tales.”

Robert Eggers’ second film is eerie, solemn, and darkly bizarre. Lighthouse has the look and feel of a silent film, full of sharp, angled shadows and Important Gazes.

Harking back in its trippiness to The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, and in it’s suspense to Hitchcock’s The Lodger, this film has been a whole lot going on within its basic story. And, of course, there are art house echoes of modern works, like Cold Skin (two guys bugging out at a remote lighthouse), The Shining (madness, alcoholism, or something else?) and director Eggers’ own The Witch in terms of its haunting yet simplistic visual style.

Let’s not forget magnificent facial hair on display. Dafoe’s lush, crazy beard, and crazier hairPattinson’s magnificent 1800s handlebar by way of 1970s pr0nstache. The fantastic period outfits are terrific too, as was with Witch.

As the two “wickies” spend longer and longer together, things start to unravel. And the story shifts from the strangeness of a new situation to a fever dream. What’s true, what’s fantasy, and who’s gone mad? Like Witch, it’s an odd, leisurely walk through the human mind that won’t be for everyone. But it is fascinating stuff.

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