Goodreads Review – “American Royals

Okay, so I’ll add this to my Goodreads roast: I wouldn’t be so pissed if the author wasn’t good at developing characters I rooted for. But her inability to craft a believable story turns a promising book into a dumpster fire. And I’ve had quite enough of that this year, thank you very much.

Like a story filled with Jamie Lannisters from HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, this book creates wonderful characters I cared about, leads them through thoughtful and believable character growth…only to crap all over said character development and end up right back where each one started at the beginning of the book. A huge waste of time, and if the reviews of the sequel, “Magesty”, are any indication? The character assassinations continue, with everything wrapping up in an unsatisfying, WTF (based on the way the characters evolved in the first 80% of this book) ending. And according to the author, there’s no third book that would tie everything together in the works.

A disappointment. Obviously this writer wanted her story to end in a certain way…but then why develop the characters and turn them into more compassionate, knowledgeable individuals than what they started out as? If they’re just gonna shrug their shoulders and drop everything they’ve worked for (well, except for the Big Bad who seems to come out of things smelling like a rose), don’t bother with development at all.

Really pissed at this book, and the hack author who penned such a pointless waste of time. I won’t ever be diving into another one of her books. I don’t trust her ability to develop a satisfying story. She sure didn’t here. If she writes a third book that actually picks up the shattered pieces of these characters and builds them back up? I might check it out of the library. But not spending one more red cent.

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TrailerWatch – “The Mandalorian” Season 2 Official Trailer drops and this is definitely the way

“Show me the one whose safety deemed such destruction.

Baby Yoda (yeah yeah, The Child, whatever)! More whistling birds! And is that a Jedi…? Things are looking amazing for S2, and I can’t wait to see more. And we only have one month to wait.

The Mandalorian season 2 hits Disney+ on October 30th, 2020.

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AT HOME Screening Pass-palooza – “ALL IN: THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY”!

At Home screening! Yes! You can sit at home at watch a film before the general public! Woot! Synopsis!

In anticipation of the 2020 presidential election, ALL IN: THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY examines the often overlooked, yet insidious issue of voter suppression in the United States, from the perspective and expertise of Stacey Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Ready? Let’s go!

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TrailerWatch – “Dune” (2020) drops its first full length trailer, and by the Water of Life it’s awesome!

I thought this was dropping tomorrow, but as I no longer know what day it is, I was pleasantly surprised to see it today. Director Denis Villeneuve seems to have delivered a film that’s a good balance of trippy and realistic, from the beautifully deadly Gom Jabbar pointed at Paul’s neck to those GIGANTIC sandworms.

And it seems that Villeneuve is willing to play with that balance, with a futuristic cover of Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” (from The Dark Side of the Moon) as this trailer’s overarching soundtrack. As I love Frank Herbert’s book and the Floyd, I’m eager to see more.

Dune hits theaters in US (?) December 18th, 2020.

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TrailerWatch – CBS All Access drops a teaser for “The Stand”!

M-O-O-N, that spells hot damn the teaser trailer for CBS All Access’ version of The Stand just hit! This is thirty seconds of I Can’t Wait, and it’s glorious. From Alexander Skarsgård’s subtly creepy Walking Dude to Whoopi Goldberg’s soothing Mother Abigail, there’s a lot to take in.

A miniseries about a pandemic *during* a pandemic? Don’t mind if I do – I’ve already watched the original 1994 miniseries a few times in the past few months… What? It’s nice to have a happy ending.

But speaking of endings, this new adaptation “will also feature an all new coda” written by the man himself. So fellow Constant Readers, will we be getting that coda from the extended edition, or something altogether different? Only one way to find out. The Stand hits CBS All Access December 17th, 2020. Boo!

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Award Season – The Ringo Awards announces their 2020 nominees!

And a fine crop it is… But I think this time I’ll let the good folks helming these awards do the talking after the jump.

Congratulations to all of the nominees! And a special woo and hoo to Snow White Zombie Apocalypse, They Called Us Enemy, Dead Beats, Hot Comb, and the incredible Mariko Tamaki!

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TrailerWatch – “The Suicide Squad” drops character reveal trailer at DC FanDome!

And it’s looking like this reboot/sequel/thing is gonna be a BLAST. Sean Gunn as Weasel! Idris Elba as Bloodsport! John Cena as Peacekeeper! And a totally groovy red & black ensemble for Margot Robie’s Ms. Quinn!

Good to see Robie, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, and Joel Kinnaman make a reappearance. But as a casual reader, I’m really looking forward to seeing Mongal, Polka Dot Man, and Rat Catcher II. I’ve never heard of them before, so getting to know new Squad members will be pretty cool.

Pete Davidson’s Blackguard looks like a cosplay I wanna dig into, and Michael Rooker as Savant is sure to be entertaining. (Ditto Nathan Fillion as T. D. K.) Plus, King Shark. I loved Killer Croc, but this guy? I’m betting on The Blood.

The Suicide Squad hits theaters next year.

BTW, that song? “Oh No!!!”, by Grandson. You’re welcome.

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Goodreads Review – “His Banana”

Yeah, sometimes I’ll just rip a review straight off of what I wrote over at Goodreads. It happens. From my Goodreads account:

Interesting double entendre of a premise, but the first several chapters paints Natasha as a self absorbed willful idiot. Luckily things start to change, and it becomes a fun story once Natasha stops being insufferable.

The author has a great way with dialogue, but leaves gaps in the story… What happened with Charlie the bulldog? Did he get healthier? Do they still have him? Does Chelsea adore him? The poor pup drops out of the narrative. Harumph.

The Big Bads in the story are wrapped up a little too easily; letting Nat use her investigative skill for at least one of them would have been a more interesting wrap up. But we only get by-the-way brush offs in the he said/she said epilogues.

Banana isn’t tasty enough to tempt me into the rest of the series, though the sexy times have a nice level of heat. File this one under enjoyable rainy day Kindle Unlimited reads.

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Baltimore DRIVE-IN Pass-palooza: “Do the Right Thing” & “Get Out”!

What a great double feature! And it’s part of Amazon Studios “A Night at the Drive-In” screening program celebrating multicultural voices! Can’t lose, unless you don’t show…

This coming Wednesday the theme is “Movies to Open Your Eyes”, and DEEEEAM these two are amazing. You’ve probably seen them before, but have you seen them on a gigantic drive-in screen? Then let’s go!

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The 2020 Hugo Award winners have been announced!

Congratulations to the 2020 winners of the Hugo Awards! It’s an amazing crop of winners this year, from N. K. Jemsin’s “Emergency Skin” to the fantastic comic series “LaGuardia”, The Good Place, The Expanse, and of course the always incredible Ellen Datlow!

Read on for the full list, and check out some (or all, not judging) of the winners – you’re sure to have a good time!

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