For Kids: Movie Coloring Sheets from Cinemark!

Because who else is going nuts from cabin fever? *sees a sea of hands in the distance* From Scooby to Angry Birds, Cinemark released several coloring pages. Have a blast, whatever your age!

Okay then. Get to printing – or use Paint, or whatever fancy art software you’ve got. Enjoy!

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At Home Review: “The Hunt”

I’m dealing with no screenings. I’m not dealing well. So, why not throw money at streaming services that are showing stuff that was in the theaters before we all went on lockdown? Here’s my brief – because I’m in Home Mode y’all – look at The Hunt!

“It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m gonna eat a whole pie.” [I think that’s a great idea.]

Fun twists and turns from the get-go. What else would you you expect from Watchmen‘s Nick Cuse and Lost‘s Damon Lindelof? Though the marketing for this film crows about how incredibly shocking and sure to stir up controversy, it’s pretty much the usual Most Dangerous Game storyline, but with a 21st Century Left vs. Right spin. Yeah, you’ll talk about this film after the credits roll, but mostly about how it’s rather ham-handed at times. (What? I had to make that pun; they put a pig on the poster.) Continue reading

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Con News: Overlook Film Fest 2020 postponed

I’m sad that this fabulous film festival is postponed…and yet I’m also happy that they’ve done what’s best for creators and attendees. I loved going last year, and that was when I wasn’t at peak health performance. I was planning on rocking OUT at Overlook this year…and I still may, depending on when the ‘rona allows us all to get out once again.

While you’re stuck at home, why not try some of the free things the folks at Overlook Film Fest recommend? From Shudder to Fangoria Online, virtual experiences to podcasts – and, of course, On Demand films – there’s plenty spooky to hold us ’til the Overlook opens its blood-soaked doors once again.

Read on for the full 411 from Overlook, including ways to support the arts right now, and a beautiful tribute to the wonderful Stuart Gordon, whom we lost on March 24th. Be well, everyone!!!

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Randy Rainbow channels his inner Hercules in his latest parody, “Social Distance”!

He’s a great singer, he’s a talented satirist, and he’s funny as hell. So take some time to check out his latest song, in-between your patriotic duty of rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and staying the fuck inside. AMURICA!

Be well out there.

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At Home Ideas – “20 Astonishingly Apropos NETFLIX Movies to Watch During the 2020 Self Isolation” by Flick Connection!

Fantastic list by a fantastic channel. Films and TV series, so you’ll find something for a quick watch, or a serious binge. And while there a lot of great ideas here, I really can’t second his recommendation of the BBC series Dead Set enough.

If you’ve exhausted your “typical” quarantine movies, check these out.

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Movie News: from Entertainment Weekly – “Birds of Prey”, “The Hunt”, and more new releases come to VOD for your at-home viewing pleasure!

Hooray! From the EW article – which references tweets from creators and studios – it looks like many films are coming to your TV very soon. Included are:

  • The Invisible Man
  • Emma
  • Birds of Prey
  • The Gentlemen
  • The Hunt
  • Trolls World Tour
  • Just Mercy

  • I for one applaud these decisions, and hope there will be more early VOD releases coming. Perhaps art house films? They need love too.

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    At Home Ideas: “train” themed horror movies!

    Image By Ulza - shutterstock

    I know I’m not the only one who will be/is currently going through cabin fever. (The housebound type, not the Eli Roth type.) So? From time to time during our mass at-home period, I’ll be posting ideas on what to watch.

    Today? It’s horror movies that deal with trains. Yep yep. There are several excellent films that get their spooky on while riding the tracks. Any one of these would make an excellent solo watch, or a great double feature. Heck, marathon these puppies if you want. Nobody’s around.

    Continue reading

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