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Pony News: #BronyCon #BronyPalooza schedule announced! 

It’s almost time, mah ponies! Time for another glorious weekend of brohoofs, sing-alongs, and general awesomeness! That’s right, BronyCon is coming!  And since we’re close to The Weekend, BronyCon has released the full schedule for BronyPalooza 2017!  Personally, they all … Continue reading

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“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” – beautiful, messy

Nutshell: Dazzling, beautiful, uneven.  The lightning-in-a-bottle that was Besson’s The Fifth Element doesn’t strike twice here, even though the visuals and world-building magic is definitely present and accounted for.  It’s as if with Valerian, Besson focused more on the universe … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Fassbender and Ferguson hunt “The Snowman”

“The only thing we know for sure, is that he’s playing games with us.” Can I say that a thriller titled The Snowman looks…chilling?  Because it does.  Synopsis! When an elite crime squad’s lead detective (Michael Fassbender) investigates the disappearance … Continue reading

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Baltimore Screening Pass-palooza: “Detroit”!

It’s really hot outside.  So why not head into the air-conditioning, and learn a little something while you’re at it?  I’ve got passes to Detroit, a film based on the 1967 Detroit/12th Street Riots.  Synopsis! From the Academy Award winning … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Guillermo Del Toro’s monstrously beautiful “The Shape of Water”

“You don’t think that’s what the Lord looks like, do you?” Love story time!  But of course, with director Guillermo Del Toro, there’s gonna be a spin.  Think Hellboy (or rather Abe Sapien from the comics) meets Planet of the … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women”

“The world can’t stop us.” I’ll watch anything that Connie Britton is in.  She’s absolutely amazing.  Toss Wonder Woman into the mix, and that movie’s a no-brainer y’all.  So herewith, the first trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women! … Continue reading

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“Girl’s Trip” is a dirty, sweet, first-rate look at friendship

Sometimes I’m too lazy for a full-out piece. Sometimes everything I’ve got to say about a film can be summarized in a few sentences, or stream of consciousness. So herewith, a quick-n-(DEFINITELY) dirty on…Girl’s Trip! Nutshell: Friendships can be a … Continue reading

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