Trailer – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Twisted history and classic lit mashups have been everywhere lately.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will be slouching toward theaters next year.  The Raven — with a sober ass-kicking Edgar Allan Poe — is winging in next month.  So it didn’t really surprise me when the most ludicrously titled twist I’d ever read became a film.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?  Really?

But then I saw that it was being produced by Tim Burton (who already has his hands full right now with Dark Shadows), and I relaxed a little.  Now, with the new trailer, things area looking interesting.  Verrrry interesting.

Gotta admit the film itself is looking very slick, very polished. Though I’ll have to actually see how well they fit vampires into Lincoln’s history.

And if this gets good box office, can Android Karenina be far behind?


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