The Dictator and Rise of the Guardians at the Cannes Film Festival

Da da dada dada dat dat Circus!  Da da dada dada dat dat Afro, circus afro!  Circus afro! Polka dot polka dot polka dot, AFRO!

Yes, that song has been playing in my head AAAAAAAAAALL day.  Thank you, Chris Rock.  And also?  Halloween costume managed.

But enough about Madagascar 3.  Although the weather here in my ‘hood is pretty nice today, what I’d rather be doing is lounging on the French Riviera.  Amirite?  For those of us that aren’t able to do that, here are a few pics from the Cannes Film Festival, going on right now. So check the latest pics of Sasha Baron Cohen as The Dictator‘s Admiral General Aladeen, and the Rise of the Guardians Q&A panel.

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