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Stan “The Man” Lee coming back to Baltimore Comic-Con!

I love Baltimore Comic-Con, I won’t lie.  It’s the geekiest of the larger Comic-Cons, which means more time to spend with the designers, writers and developers of the comics/graphic novels you love (or love to watch on tv; can I get a what-what, The Walking Dead?)

Now, there’s something more to celebrate as Stan Lee, THE man of Marvel, returns to Baltimore Comic-Con this year.  Sweet!

His visit last year was a huge success — anyone who saw or waited in the looooong lines waiting to say hello to him can attest to that — so I’m glad to see he’s coming back.

Trailer for House at the End of the Street up on

Don’t Look In The Basement.  Last House On The Left.  The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane.  Seriously, it’s getting so that our homes aren’t the safe havens we like to think they are.  Now the latest film to chill you right out of your lovely two-bedroom mortgage payment is House at the End of the Street.  It stars Hunger Games wondergirl Jennifer Lawrence, and it looks like it’ll be some spooky…shut yo’ mouth.

Read on, if you dare!


Oh stop.  It’s totally SFW.  Frankenweenie isn’t the latest Ron Jeremy film, it’s the latest Tim Burton animation-fest!  Based on his 1984 short film of the same name, it’s sure to be an adorable heart-tugger.

Read on to see the brand-new “one sheet” (or poster, as you like)….

What’s Moonrise Kingdom? A record-breaking new movie, that’s what.

I adore Wes Anderson movies.  Okay, maybe Bottle Rocket didn’t do it for me, but RushmoreThe Life Aquatic?  Absolutely.  Not to mention The Royal Tennenbaums, one of my top-ten movies of all time.  (Hey, it’s like he filmed my life y’all.)

Anyway, his latest is Moonrise Kingdom, and last weekend it set a record by posting “the highest recorded per-theater average for a live-action movie released domestically.”  Not to shabby.

Read on for more info from the folks at Focus Features!

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