31 in 31: The Innkeepers


Story: The historic but run down Yankee Pedlar Inn B&B is going out of business. Is it haunted? The final two employees wanna find out… documenting ghosts could be a way to pad their unemployment checks. Hey, what else are two twenty-somethings gonna do in a building full of bedrooms?

Scares: several Gotcha moments, a great solo paranormal session, but for most of the film it’s more story than shocks.

Splat Factor: This is more The Woman In Black than Black Christmas.

Shock Ending?: Nup. Not for a ghost story, anyway.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: All new ghost story.

Trick or Treat?: Ever had a candy whose wrapper promises one thing, but delivers another? Same kinda thing. The poster for The Innkeepers looks positively Fright Night-esque, but for about 90% of the film it’s two hipster-lite kids wandering around a large B&B, killing time.

Honest performances by the two leads that feel genuine instead of created solely to move the plot give this an art-house rather than B-grade vibe. And hey, Kelly McGillis! Fun bit of carnival freak show climax, but at the end it’s the usual stupid decisions that’ll only frighten the lightweights. However, after the whipsmart characterization earlier in the film? It just pissed me off.

Cool as hell tidbit: this movie was filmed at the real Yankee Pedlar Inn, which is still open for business. I know, right? Very cool.

Plus, you get real words of wisdom. “Never skimp on the bread. You always regret it.” So true y’all.

Score: imageimageimage out of 5 pumpkins.

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1 Response to 31 in 31: The Innkeepers

  1. urbannight says:

    I saw this at a friends movie night. I had to work in the morning and could only stay for two films. I was one of the people who voted for this. It was down to two films. I don’t remember the other one. I was so pissed at the ending. Totally an Art-film.


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