What Was I Thinking – The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs


Dammit that was a hell of a way to send off Season 3. Milton becomes a man (if only for a moment), Carl goes off the chain, and Andrea. Well. What have we learned, kiddies? DON’T TRUST COMIC BOOK CANON. For really.

As much as I enjoy Mad Men? I wish we had a few more episodes left of TWD.

:01 – Oh man The Governor is gonna fuck up Andrea. Oh wait – that’s not Andrea. Damn he’s gone peepee-kaka.

:04 – Andrea, bargain with a batshit psychopath, you’re not gonna make any headway.

:05 – Oh ho ho. Wow. That’s a twist. Milton, let’s see what you’re made…oops. Didn’t mean that literally, Gov.

:06 – Damn. The Governor ain’t taking the second death of his daughter well at all. So why not make more zombies? #crazypants

:11 – There’s a new sheriff in town. And his name is Carl Grimes. He don’t need no stinking badge.

:13 – Let’s all blow this joint! Laurie, you comin’?

:14 – Michonne, you’re a better gal than me. For real.


:15 – Tyrese! My buddy! You awesome, dude. Now let’s see if The Governor let’s you book on outta there.

:16 – It’s partytime! It’s partytime!

:17 – It’s like Escape From Alcatraz, but the opposite.

:20 – Oops, bible quotes. Gov, you fucked.

:21 – Milton is still breathing! Damn, that’s an Easter miracle. Sad that Milty has finally figured out the zombie plague. At the worst possible moment.

:24 – Talking Dead ad: love the Milton hashtag #TickingTimeBomb.

:26 – “I’ll buy a clue, Alex”: Tyrese.

:27 – Milton? Mil… Oh hey.

:28 – What Andrea should be saying: “I like having sex with crazy psychos. It’s what I do, Milton.”

:29 – Poor Milton. Learning the ways of interacting with humanity. Too late.

:30 – Meanwhile back at the prison, it’s Fight For Your Life time. Please don’t let our fearless band get decimated.

:31 – Carl. Dude. You may want to learn about the safety lock. Just saying.

:33 – A “Run For Your Lives” ad! Yaaaay! I was a zombie in last year’s ad. No, seriously.

:34 – WORLD WAR Z ad! Hellz yeah! I really hope this movie is even half as kewl as I want it to be.

:35 “We did it!” I doubt it. Not hating. Just stating.

:36 – Carl. Poor baby. Just freaked out. Like you wouldn’t have done the same thing.

:37 – A’yup. The Governor guns down his own. Batshit crazy. I have a feeling we’re not in Woodbury anymore, Toto.

:39 – Nice save, nameless cool chick. Live to run from zombies (and The Governor) another day.

:39 – It’s called finally getting what’s happened to the world. And in the case of The Governor, figuring things out is ugly.

:41 – Andrea. Working her toes. Or else.

:46 – FUCK YEAH APEHANGERS! Shameless Daryl swoon. Sorry.

:47 – How to teach your son ethics in the zombie apocalypse.

:48 – Ain’t no more law in this here town.

:49 – Beth the badass!

:49 – Yo, flannel zombie. What is that green shit you’re drooling? Keep it together.

:50 – Speaking of keeping it together, hey Milton.


:56 – Yay for Karen, the cool chick who played dead earlier!

:59 – Rick! Saving Andrea! Yayz! Yayz…?

1:00 – Michonne. Standing by her friend. Damn. Wasn’t expecting this. DON’T MAKE ME CRY YOU SONS OF BITCHES.

1:02 – Too late. *niff*

1:03 – Wow. This is one helluva canon twist. Shit.

1:04 – Wow. A buncha changes. Sumbitch.

Next season. Wow. Gotta wait until next season? Man. It’s gonna be rough. But questions, I have them:

* Where in the ever-loving Radio Edit is The Governor?

* How will the new “blended family” of Rick’s Tribe/Woodbury refugees work out?

* Is there any hope that something else went down besides what probably went down when Rick closed the door on Michonne and Andrea? Humor me y’all.

Onward, to the next bit of geekery! Til next season, stay zombie free!

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