Pull! – May 17th, 2013


A little taste of what I’ve been loving, what I’ve been hating, and what I’ve been apathetic about.  I promise I’ll try to make this a weekly thang….

Chin Music #1: Steve Niles starts out with a slam-bang of an opening, but with no exposition it’s a jumbled mess of Egypt, supernatural beings, skeletons and Prohibition gangsters.  It looks beautiful though, mess and all.  Here’s hoping #2 brings more information to what hints at a kickass tale.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Unleashed #1 (of 6): Sela and Liesel Van Helsing don the usual bimbo suits to fight a whole mess of baddies that have escaped from the banishment back in #0.  Gorgeous art and colors take some of the sting out of seeing so many unnecessary upskirt shots.  Bonus points for a Stephen King reference and a surprise battle pal, but it doesn’t save a wobbly, bloated start to this miniseries.  With Unleashed a jumping-off point for a blow-out expansion of the Grimm universe, here’s hoping #2 has less talky-talk about Old Magic and more monsters.

Ten Grand #1: A new series from Image’s “Joe’s Comics” label, and it looks like it could be a good one.  A blend of demons and noir; think of it as Harry Dresden meets Ghost Rider.  J. Michael Straczynski brings his A-game, and so does Ben Templesmith, with the watercolored edginess I’ve loved since 30 Days of Night here in all it’s gritty, raw splendor.  This is definitely a series to follow.

Ferals #14: Dale is still hunting the “man” who killed Pia.  But Thea — the last living woman who is carrying a hybrid wolf/werewolf — thinks that she’s going to be Dale’s new love, and she could help him just as much as he can help her.  Meanwhile, creepy government scientist Dr. Cherry is conducting creepy experiments, and over in Green Gorge, things between the townspeople and the government are about to get hairy (sorry.)  In other words, this is a kick-ass issue that has the new story arc looking like even more fun than the first one.  The art and coloring is still a bit basic (think early Bronze Age, with it’s bright colors and pre-realism basic style), but the story and the gore go a long way to making me give these quibbles a free pass.

Constantine #3: John is back in London, and it’s a blast watching how he reacts to re-entry.  But he’s got stuff to find and scores to settle, and he does it in his usual indomitable way.  I worried that the “New 52” rebranding would take the edge off of this character, but so far it looks like I needn’t have worried.  This is fast becoming my favorite new series.  Just do me a favor, DC; jettison the silly “Channel 52” segments that have been tacked onto each issue.  They’re out of place with this particular series, especially since many horror fans don’t follow superheroes.

Creepy #12: Ahh, a comic book that instructs and entertains.  This issue, I learned not to sleep on a grave, that you can catch anything with good bait, shooting horror movies in the Philippines can be easy if  you have the right contacts, never volunteer when your professor asks for help, and never, ever, decide to become a navigator.  So many different styles and stories, but in this issue each one delivers.  With all the sick, icky greatness in this issue, Lucky #13 is sure to be a ghoulish delight….

The Walking Dead #110: Yeah, I almost gave up on TWD at issue #100 too.  It broke my ragged little heart.  But I trusted that Kirkman had a vision for what was next, and so far the Negan storyline is feeling like The Governor Part Deux.  But I’m liking new character Ezekiel, and hello…TIGER!  Plus, it looks like Michonne may have a new reason to live?  A zombie-free issue, which is a bummer; all the strange machinations here3 seem forced, as if to draw out what will be coming because the writers themselves have no idea.  But hey, lookit the tiger!  Let’s hope #111 gets the crew back on track.

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