PULL! May 24th, 2013


Here with this week’s crop of stuff I’ve read.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the damn pretty. Yes, there are only two. But as I found out that my kitty had cancer & needed to be put down? This wasn’t a big “reading fun stuff” week. Hope springs for this coming week though….

Non-Humans #3: (Image) Well well well, a fine mess Detective Aimes has found himself in.  It’s bad enough that his son Todd is dating a Victoria’s Secret manequinn, but they’re building up a family.  And his partner Eden may be hiding something…or that could just be Aimes’ paranoia about sleeping with her.  The wild and crazy ride this series has taken readers on shows no signs of stopping now, and with this issue being #3 of 4, it’ll be interesting to see how this tale wraps up.  All I know is that I’m hooked.  Glen Brunswick has crafted a helluva tale, and Whilce Portacio brings it to awful, glorious life.

The Dream Merchant #1: (Image) Nathan Edmondson and Konstantin Novosadov have created a fairy tale-like world, but with a decidedly creepy turn.  Poor Winslow has been caught in a waking dream for most of his life; his dreams feel like reality, and his reality suffers as a result.  Institutionalized, he tries to make the best out of his strange situation, but one evening after a hypnotherapy session he’s visited by three menacing, hooded creatures.  He escapes the institution with Anne, a girl who works in the kitchen and who has been trying to help him by giving him books about dreams.  But can they outsmart the beings chasing them down, and why is Winslow being targeted?  A very promising start to this new series, with eerie, Phantom Tollbooth-esque illustrations by Novosadov.  Looking forward to seeing what Edmondson has in store….

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