Crisis Zero: YouTube + World War Z = the next wave of movie advertising

I’m really, really loving the Crisis Zero webpage.  It’s a fun way to track the zombie horde, and with the strange goings on around the world…oh, okay.  Crisis Zero is a website that preps viewers for the upcoming zombie horde in World War Z.

But have you seen the YouTube channel?  Have you?  Huh?  Because it’s a whole lot of fun.  Small clips of “real people” going through what seems to be normal activities…but with an unnerving bit of over-caution on the part of authorities.  Check out the flight announcement:

Nauseous? Flushed? I’m like that every time I fly. And just in case you’re thinking that the problems in WWZ are all in their heads….

I absolutely love the way WWZ has taken the idea of a “sister site” and fashioned an entire YouTube channel with “real clips” of the outbreak. Which makes me lust after this movie even more. It’ll be interesting to see if this style of PR catches on with other films. I’d love to see this kind of advertising for the Hunger Games films. Just sayin’.

Thank you for the groovy, World War Z peeps.


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