Pull! June 29th 2013


Happy pre-4th of July weekend!  What? I love this time of the year. I’m a pyro.  Baltimore sells fireworks.  Yes.  Let the neighborhood sparkler-a-thon commence!  And let the reviews begin….

Uncanny #1 — Season of Hungry Ghosts Part One: (Dynamite) Singapore.  Weaver reads people so well that with a touch, he knows them so intimately it’s like his mind becomes theirs.  For five minutes.  So what does he do with it?  Uses it to fleece easy marks, of course.  But when he gets tricked in his own game, he’s gotta make a break for it…but gets stopped by a woman offering “a real job.  The kind that pays.” Ain’t nothin’ for free y’all, so I’m betting the work will be more than a 9-to-5 office job.  Love the take on telepathy, and Aaron Campbell knows his way around shadows and light, providing a dark, unsettling air.  Compelling, but unlike Walker’s usual marks, I want to know more before I’m all in.  (3.5 out of 5)

Hoax Hunters: Case Files #1: (Image) I adore Hoax Hunters. They’re part goofy satire, part monster-palooza, part serious story. Think Magnum P. I., if Magnum and the crew fought paranormal stuff. (And had cool abilities of their own.) Case Files is unrelated to their primary storyline, but these stories have the same funky/freaky vibe as the usual issues. Reagan is excited about the chance to see a unicorn, the Hunters meet a god in his BVD’s, and disprove Supreme Man, among other things. And did I mention we get to meet Murder’s ex? These short & sweet stories are a great jump in point for new readers, though I heartily recommend starting at issue #1 of HH. (4 out of 5)

Larfleeze #1: (DC) Seriously, did anyone else read that title and hear DEEZ NUTZ in their head? Just me? Fine. But I’d bet Keith Griffin, J. M. Dematteis and Scott Kolins woulda laughed. In fact, Larfleeze is hilarious, and definitely played with tongue firmly in cheek. Doubt me? The subtitle is “The Extremely Large Dog On Tue Edge Of Forever!” (I didn’t add that exclamation point. It’s in there y’all.) This is an origin story with a twist; Orange Lantern (and greedy guy extraordinare) Larfleeze tells his butler Stargrave his life story, but what he says and what you see in each panel are two different things. Giffen and Dematteis write a heckuva story, and I think Stargrave is my new personal hero. Kolins’ art is beautiful, with tons of detail. I love detail. Larfleeze is funny as hell, and touching, especially when Larfleeze talks about his life growing up. I’m not a Green Lantern aficionado, but I enjoyed this issue. Larfleeze is a hilariously ill mannered narcissist, but his story makes a great starting point for the New 52 Corps. And you get to see an extremely large dog. Win. (4.5 out of 5)

Lazarus #1: (Image) Greg Rucka and Michael Lark team up to give readers a look at the world to come. Money is the new politics, and a small handful of families control the wealth. Naturally, they don’t live in harmony. Pity the folks who aren’t in these families; people who work for the families and are treated little better than pets, and those who do not, called  Waste. Since the ruling class can’t seem to get along, each family picks a member and trains them to be a Lazarus, the family protector. As the name implies, these not-so poor saps are brought back to life again and again, each time someone gets the best of them. Forever, the Lazarus of the Carlyle family, is starting to feel bad for the common man. You know her family isn’t gonna be happy about that. A good start to what could be a brilliant new mythos. I’ll be following Forever in the hopes Rucka and Lark deliver on the impressive premise they’ve started here, that’s for sure. (4 out of 5)

The Wake #2: (Vertigo) First off, I just want to pay homage to Sean Murphy and Jordie Bellaire; the cover of this issue is gorgeous, and a cool throwback to Golden Age action comics. Now where were we? Oh yes. Snyder is playing out a sci-fi/horror tale that feels a little like Carpenter’s The Thing meets 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, but is wholly original. I love it when a comic stirs up my latent science nerd. And this one does. There’s still a few WTF moments, where the main story gets interrupted by background/dream sequences/the unknown, but now I know that it’s all going to come together soon. I got to see prehistoric man battle a Megalodon! Thank you, The Wake. (4.5 out of 5)

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