Pull! August 24th 2013


I read more. But I’m too lazy to post it all. So? Just a few of the highs, lows & so-so’s of my week….

Chin Music #2: (Image) I don’t often say “work of art” about comics, even though there’s some pretty fantastic stuff out there. But Tony Harris’ work in this issue is a gorgeous, Art Deco fever dream that is gross, gorgeous and definitely worthy of the term art. And Niles twists the story, winding it up so tight that I wasn’t sure what was going on…. But the tumblers fell into place at the end, leaving me wanting more of this Elliott Ness In Magicland story. I may get thrown by Niles’ story from time to time, but damn if the trip ain’t beautiful. (4 out of 5)

Constantine #6: (DC) John Constantine is bleeding out on the ground. Mages gunning for his destruction are thisclose to getting their wish. In the Astral Plane, John has a ton of payback in store, courtesy of all the people he’s wronged. Let’s just say the line wraps around the block a few times. And poor Lloyd has to deal with a ton of ghastlies from The Cult of the Cold Flame, as they try to get at John’s body. Just a typical day for our boy, but it’s a satisfying ride. I’m firmly in the New Constantine camp with this issue. It may not be the Constantine we’ve known before, but Ray Fawkes is delivering just the right amount of wicked fun to win me over. Not to mention the brilliant art and colors from Renato Guedes & Marcelo Maiolo. Bravo, y’all. (5 out of 5)

Creepy #13: (Dark Horse) Lucky number 13? Meh. As much as I looked forward to this issue, I can’t come up with much more than a sad trombone for the stories here. Why? Because they’ve been done before, and better. “The Last Stop” is a lukewarm “Down Bound Train”. “The Squaw”? A mean spirited, unfulfilling riff on “The Black Cat”. It’s as if the bulk of these stories were grabbed out of the Pass bin and published to make deadline. Yes, with genre pieces you’re always going to be comparing one story to another. But I was looking for a new, or at least interesting, spin. Luckily,”The Prospectre” by John Habermas tells an Old West ghost story that managed to make me smile (D. W. Frydendall’s groovy art adds to the fun) and Dan Braun & Peter Bagge’s “Creepy Cat in ‘Cat Crossing'” is an – dare I say it? – adorable look at my favorite animal. Thank the Dark Ones for these two tales. (2.5 out of 5)

Hellraiser: Dark Watch #7: (Boom) Cenobites that give a crap about humans? Stranger still, ones that align with humans to fight a rival to Hell? A Cenobite that doesn’t always speak in tones of Very Ominous Doom? What is Clive Barker doing? I’m not sure, but this scramble of the “usual” Hellraiser mythos has caught my eye with this issue. D’Amour, the new (and not 100% respected) Pope of Hell, needs an assist from humans Tiffany, Norton and Theo. Do they each have their own, incompatible, issues? You betcha. Does the war between Leviathan and his sister take a verrrry interesting turn? Absolutely. As I jumped into this series late, I’m betting on the new, almost human Cenobite D’Amour’s patois growing on me. And from the looks of the final panel, readers are headed for a wild ride in #8. Bring it, Barker. (3.5 out of 5)

Suckers #0: (Zenoscope) Hate sparkle pony vampires? I know, who doesn’t? Chad and John are two vamps that have had it up to their canines in romantic, twee vamps. So when they accidentally stumble upon a crew filming a sequel to “Moonshade”, they’re all set to put a hurting on the wuss lead actor…. Let’s just say you can’t always get what you want. #0 is worth your hard-earned just for the first few pages of mock-Moonshade hilarity. Suckers is definitely humor rather than horror, but there’s plenty of violence to be had. Can our pair of blood-pong lovin’ bros ever make people fear fangs again? I’m down for watching them try. (4.5 out of 5)

Six Gun Gorilla #3: Blue, our Everyman who only wanted to die but is having a hard time of it, continues to surprise the bigwigs at BlueTech-PV Corp. He’s managed to keep himself alive, and in the process folks at home (who are watching him and enjoying his experiences) are driving the ratings through the roof. Not too good, as Blue may be stumbling onto secrets BlueTech-PV doesn’t want made public. Si Spurrier is doling out the freaky in bits and pieces, leaving me dying for more. So far, his mythos is top notch, and #4 promises a cool new bit of mayhem. Jeff Stokely and André May give good art and colors; I’m especially loving the Earth viewers POV. But more Gorilla, please? He’s a cypher I’d like to know more about. And also, he’s badass. (4 out of 5)

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