What was I thinking? – Infected


Photo: Huffington Post/AMC

I’m back from Boston! I’m ready to rumble! Let’s do this thing!

01: What’s that rat doing…. Oh hell no. Someone’s feeding the fence zombies? DAMMIT!

03: Give it up for Tyrese!

05: No! No! No! Not her! She’s awesome! But damn fine tension build.

07: Damn. This isn’t gonna go well. Aaaaaaand that’s what happens when you snore.

10: Now I want stale M&Ms.

12: Worms! Now that’s healthy soil. Or is it?

15: Whoa! Definitely not good! BTW, had no idea there were so many people in the prison. Guess that’s changing though. Get it? Changing? Oh fine.

17: That’s a lot of carnage. And I’m betting it’s not the end in this episode.

20: Another one (Woodbury member/zombie) bites the dust….

“No bites, no wounds….”

24: Lizzy – that’s one badass little tween! Poor sweetie.

27: First the zombies, now Captain Trips? DAMMIT! These folks don’t catch a break, ever.

31: Aaaaaah. I’m betting it’s the zombie compost that created this killer flu. Let’s watch and see if I’m right.

34: Is Judith sick?

35: Fence as zombie dicer!

37: Sin-of-omission Carol! I agree with her on the turn her education is taking though.

38: Beth! Singing! Yay! (It’s Tom Waits’ “I Don’t Want to Grow Up”, for folks who wanna know.)

39: Huh. Show of hands – how many folks think Michonne lost her baby during the start of the zombie apocalypse? Me too.

41: This little piggy went…in a bad way.

45: It’s rarely a good thing when Rick gets all quiet.

47: Sheriff’s back in town y’all.

49: Aw shit.  DAMMIT!

Okay, so that’s the end of pig farming at Rick’s Happy Acres, Tyrese getting cut off in the worst way possible, and a peek into Michonne’s surely battered psyche. Plus, three dammits – will that be a record? I’m betting on no.

Til next time y’all!

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