What was I thinking: The Walking Dead – Isolation


Photo: AMC

Stupid non-DVR cable. No pauses, no rewind, no nothing? Pah. Next time? AMC.com all the way. Because I could have watched most every scene in this ep about 9 times. Onward!

1: Just gardening. Planting the dead.

2: Fuck yeah Tyrese. I agree 100%. But you’re hurting the folks that will help…. Aaaaaaand see what you did there? Boom goes the Rick.

4: Am I the only one thinking a glorch run would be a good idea? (Definition of glorch: hand sanitizer. Because that’s the sound it makes when you squeeze/pump the bottle.)

9: Ahh, the great debate; ass whuppin vs saving lives.

* “but you know I might need to.” And I really, really want to, dad.

18: NOOOOO! *breathes* NOOOOO! DAMMIT!

21: I like men that work on cars. And use a crossbow. Just saying.

“Little Asskicker”!

24: Carl. Warden. Hershel. Badass.

25: DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE KILL CAROL. That is all. What? I’m already on thin mental ice with Glenn coughing. Don’t mess with me, Kirkman.

28: Carl’s Hat is back onscreen y’all! It’s time to get real up in here!

29: That bear trap has gotta hurt…. Oh wait. Zombie. Okay, carry on. You’re gonna drag that leg anyway.

33: This is the Tyrese Gets Hosed episode. Poor thing.

34: I do have to give props for the prison gang’s use of visitors rooms during quarantine. Smart move.

36: Carol? Aw man. I have a feeling that she’s worried about more than…. No. Nah. Nup. Amirite, people?

37: See Hershel, Maggie gets it from you.

38: Elderberries! Insert Monty Python joke here.

39: I really want to hug Hershel right now. Inspirational speech, FTW!

45: Dragged out alive? DAMMIT.

46: “Shit.” Truer words, Carol!

“Piece of cake.” Aw hell.

48: “Is that a voice?” DAMMIT! OH HOLY DAMMIT!

50: Aaaaaaand welcome to the Badass Olympics y’all. Wait. Where’s Tyrese?

51: Phew. Straight out of the comic, and just as batshit crazy.


57: Oh Doc. Oh Glenn. And WTF THE Hershel? Keep that kerchief…too late.

58: “You can believe somehow.” *niff*

59: Ooooh boy. I hope not, but….

Oh. Damn. Fuuuuu….

And this happens to be the episode that I played with AMC story sync. Fun!

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