Hey Baltimore — need to see (The Day of ) the Doctor?


Calling all Whovians — be it long-scarf-wearing fans, fez-fanciers, trainer-aficionados, or those who love bow ties, fish fingers and custard.  Or perhaps celery on your lapel strikes your fancy?  Maybe even a little bit of edgy leather jacket-wearing?  It doesn’t matter; we’re all psyched for the 50th Anniversary Special The Day of The Doctor, amirite?  BBCA has been showering us with practically nonstop Dr. Who this week, and a Doctor Who Takeover is scheduled for Saturday.  (Tell me you don’t want to see Graham Norton get Matt Smith and David Tennant on the couch!)

But how about seeing The Day of the Doctor on the really, really big screen?  Here’s the details:

BBC Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor

Monday, November 25

Special Real D 3D One Night Event OR Only One Night in Real D 3D

In Select Movie Theaters Nationwide

So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?  I’ve got 4 “Admit Two” passes to the Monday, November 25th showing of The Day of the Doctor at AMC Columbia!  Yaaaaay!  *flails arms like Kermit*  Did I mention that this one-night-only Fantom event is in 3D?  Yeah baby, because it totally is.  I told you earlier that you could buy tickets, but why not win a pair? Here’s how….

What: 4 pairs –that’s four folks that’ll win two passes each — to Fantom Event’s BBC Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor

Where: AMC Columbia

When: Monday, November 25, 2013 (showtimes are at 7:30pm or 10:00pm)

Why: Because you don’t want no stinkin’ 2D when you can have 3D!

How: This time it’s hard passes, and you’ll have to prove to me that you’re a fan of the Doctor.  So, send an e-mail to editor@atomicfangirl.com with the subject line FISH FINGERS, CUSTARD AND JELLY BABIES, and answer me this —

“Why does the 11th Doctor wear bow ties?”

I’ll give you ’til tomorrow noon (that’s 11/21/2013), and announce the winners shortly after that.

GOOD LUCK, everyone!

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1 Response to Hey Baltimore — need to see (The Day of ) the Doctor?

  1. Frank Yingling says:

    Bow ties are cool.


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