What Was I Thinking?: Say Anything…


Feeling a bit nostalgic this pre-Valentines Day week. So, herewith, a look at what’s in my brainpan as I re-watch Say Anything… for the first time in years. Decades, maybe. What?

Peter Gabriel playing in the background not required, but highly encouraged.

Since this rambles on, I’ll put the thoughts after the jump!

* I forgot that Lili Taylor was in this!

* OMG, it’s Frasier’s dad with brown hair!

* Parents not watching, just recording on their videocameras. The more things change….

* Joan Cusak, with her freckles, was just adorable in this. And check out John Cusak all butch with the heavy bag workout!

* Does John Cusak have kids in real life? Because Lloyd is hella great with his nephew. Just saying.

* Back In The Saddle at the graduation party. Good times.

* Eric Stoltz. Always and forever, crazy hot.  Even in a chicken suit.

* Second Frasier sighting: Lillith, the guidance counselor!

* Joe lies…. Joe liiiiiies….

* Oh, and he’s a dick too.

* “So I’m single now. Everything’s changed . I hate it.”

* “Go to sleep.” ‘What for? I’m buzzed!’

* Aaaaaah, the sleeveless mockneck. Why did we ever think that was a good look?

* How’d I forget about the IRS?

* Love the Lloyd Dobler Presents: Cocoon.

* Teens having coffee. In 1989. Trailblazers!
* Note to self: probably should learn to drive stick. Y’know, before the zombie apocalypse.

* Aaaaaaand cue the adorableness montage!

* Hey, Peter Gabriel is playing in the background as they’re hooking up for the first time. I’m betting we’ll hear it again later.

* Honey, there are things that you probably shouldn’t talk about with your dad. How you decided to boink your boyfriend is one of those things.

* Here’s where your Dad stops being your friend and starts getting real. As in real selfish.

* “This is hard for me too.” Well yeah, because you’re breaking up because your dad said you should.

* P. S.: you think you’ll find all kinds of other people out there. But in reality? Not so much. Enjoy your trip!


* Poor Dad. As an adult now, I feel for him, rather than just shrugging my shoulders while waiting for Lloyd to come back and do something romantic.

* And here it is. THE scene. AWWWWWW.

* Whoa. Government as assholes. Big, gigantic assholes. Whoof.

* Oh hey! I blame you for my bad behavior! It’s all your fault! And you’re hurt because that boy is a jerk that brainwashed you! I’m a frigging saint!

* “One question; are you here ’cause you need someone, or ’cause you need me?” – oh Lloyd. Wise beyond your years.

* THIS scene. The one where Lloyd confronts her dad. That’s why real relationships don’t measure up for GenX.


Yeah. Like I wasn’t gonna get nerdy. (Image: Ript Apparel)

* Yet another reason this movie rocks? It’s not just a realistic look at young love, it’s a great, up & down, father-daughter love story too.

* “You just described every great success story.” PERFECT.

*All the way to the final end scene. Ding.

* And of course there’s a Nancy Wilson song at the end credits. Because wife of director + crazy great rockstar = you bet.

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