Ghastly Awards: best of April in Horror Comics

It’s that time of the month y’all! No, silly; it’s time to check out what Ghastly Awards judges picked as the best crop o’ comics published last month. Take a gander….

BTW, the FCBD’s V Wars? Awesomeness.

Ghastly Awards – April 2014 Update

Don’t forget to submit your book for the 2014 Ghastly Awards!

Horror comics are becoming more and more frequent in our reading culture, and the Ghastly Awards are here to recognize those that shine the brightest. We encourage all Comic Creators to take the time to head over to and submit your work for 2014 Ghastly Award Nomination consideration.

Creators please remember that you can submit your Horror Comic work throughout the entire calendar year! For the month of April 2014 the Judges are recommending you take a look at:

Nosferatu Wars #1 (Dark Horse) – Originally published in Dark Horse Presents, Nosferatu Wars is set in the era of the Black Death and tells the story of  vampires Tarquin and Moria, who have a love that is undying and unquestionable, but when Moria is taken from him her return may unleash the greatest war of all time. Written by Steve Niles this Gothic love story is absolutely engrossing and Menton3’s art is beyond exquisite and will draw you in like most horror comics only wish they could. The pace of the comic makes the reader feel the love these characters have for each other, which make you more vested in their future. The art throughout the comic will have you feeling as though you are not only a reader of this adventure, but actually on the journey with Tarquin and Moria. This is the kinda of comic you rage war for! – Spaced (

V Wars #1 (IDW) – Once again, Jonathan Maberry has flipped the vampire genre on its head to give us a wild new take on the lore. In V WARS #1, the vampirism gene is in everyone. It lies dormant, but it’s there. And when the Ice Virus triggers it, you become a vampire… a violent one. The world is in an all out war, the V War, between those who want to kill the vampires and those who want to cure them. It’s a battle caused by ignorance and fear, a battle that can be won by calm and rational thinking. As with all Maberry books, there is intense heart and intelligence in his writing. He builds a world full of hate, but there are strong elements of love and compassion. But this comic isn’t just a political message masquerading around in a vampire costume, it’s bloody, gory, and full of all the horrors you could hope for in a vampire comic. It’s a little bit Walking Dead and a little bit True Blood, but it’s all Maberry and his unique brand of storytelling that haunts your conscience. – Bree Ogden (

Zombie Sub-920 #2 (Mitchell Comics) – New England native Michael Mitchell is a one-man comic creating madman! His new series Zombie Sub-920 is a mixture of humor, horror, adventure and fun. The premier issue came out in late 2013 and the second installment has recently been released. This comic is written, drawn, colored and everything’d by Mitchell and his love of comics shows in every panel. His creation is pure old school… static page layouts filled with action, zombies, apes and underwater melodrama. I picked out some nods to the DC mystery comics and Mitchell assured has me that I’m not seeing things. My only complaint is that these comics are very slim… Mitchell produces them and cuts the issue off where he sees a chapter end, saving the continuing story for the next issue. (#2 has a quick-paced 10 story pages). I want a 52-page GIANT!!! Oh well, I’ll wait until #3, which is already in the works. Like I said, the man is a machine! This colorful comic creation can be found at any convention lucky enough to have the Mitchell crew in attendance (he and his family dress as the Captain, Nurse and zombies!) or through his blog page…  – Mike Howlett (

Creepy #16 (Dark Horse) –  Dark Horse Comic’s Creepy sweet 16 issue couldn’t get any sweeter with another excellent ensemble of horror hits from Hell, this time covering: Lovecraft cats, the invention of embalming, web viruses, bad parenting, and necrophilia. The art and writing throughout is perfectly spooky and nicely varied in themes and styles, (DH seems to be finding some real winners contributing to Creepy lately), with the top notch entry here being the deadly duo of Rachel Deering and Vanessa Del Rey’s and their unsettling and highly atmospheric “Like Clockwork” tale (I’d love to see more of this character’s previous romantic interludes!) – Steve Banes (

Caliban #1 (Avatar Press) – GOD DAMN THAT WAS GOOD! I mean, HOLY S#!^ THAT WAS A FREAKING GORE-GEOUS COMIC! Growing up as a kid of the late 80’s and early 90’s nothing terrified me more than a movie where there was no hope at all. Movies like Alien and Event Horizon take place in deep space, and even if you win, you still loose because you got nowhere to go. The atmosphere is just dark from the get go, and add to the mix this low lit, huge metal machine that is lugging your ass through space, it’s terrifying. – Decapitated Dan (

Creators and Publishers please make sure to go over to to submit your books for 2013 Nomination consideration! More informaiton on how the submission process works can be found here.

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