Halloween ComicFest announces it’s 2014 haul!

Halloween Comic-Fest2014

Image: Free Comic Book Day/Halloween ComicFest

There was a peep about this year’s crop o’ comics from Halloween ComicFest awhile back.  (Check out the Ghastly Awards FB page for that bit o’ info.)  But now it’s all official-like, with an awesome press release and tons of images to drool over!

Me?  I’m psyched for the Rachel Rising HCF special variant cover — who doesn’t love orange?  Halloween haters? — the Resident Evil (bloody!  awesome!), the Batman Legends special Halloween issue (worth it for the cover alone) and the re-print of Afterlife With Archie #1.  Why so psyched about a reprint?  Because as anyone who loves this series will tell you, #1 vanished superfast.  Getting another chance to grab it (y’know, besides the e-Comic copy I’m sure all us horror fiends already have)?  Priceless.  Especially since it’s free!

So, give yourselves a chill as you check out these Halloween gimmes.  It’s hellacious outside, who doesn’t want a chill?

Check out the full size comics available, the mini-comics also up for grabs, and the shops that’ll have ’em for you on The Day.  Oh, and does your store want to throw down on Halloween for the ‘Fest?  Get ’em in on the action.  Because mo’ Halloween, mo’ better y’all.  Plus, I want to walk into a comic book store and see a shit-ton of Daryls.  Just sayin’.


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