How I became a Brony*



It all started when I got pissed off. I’m a t-shirt addict junkie afficionado, and a Ramones fan.  Mostly because I wanna be sedated, but enough about my beer ABV preferences.  So when I saw This Shirt, the parody caught my eye and made me smile.  Then I read about how proceeds would go to help a poor little boy who had been bullied so much because of his love of My Little Pony (or MLP as the hip kids call it) that he had attempted suicide. Bullying?  Aw hell nah y’all.  I’ma buy that shirt and WOE UNTO ANYONE who tries to make fun of me.  Mostly because I’d been bullied 110% of my childhood, so if you’ve got something bad or mean-spirited to say?  Your opinion gets zero fucks from me. *jazzhands*  But also because anyone who picks on someone they perceive as weaker?  Bring.  It.  I was basically this:


Image: Superwolf15 @deviantart

I didn’t really think about forming my own connection to MLP, and the whole Brony Thing.  I didn’t have time for more fannishness, I thought.  But mostly, in my head grown-up Bronies were…well…this:

Image: Pinterest.  Of course.  (Know the owner? Clue me in!)

Image: Pinterest. Of course. (Know the owner? Clue me in!)

But I did so love it whenever Wonkette tossed a MLP animation into an article. (Still do, y’all.)  Making fun of derps with cute animation is fun!  Then I watched Bronies.  And hello, it’s Q from TNG!  And it’s got animated bits that are adorable and cheesy!  (Cheezdorable?)  I applauded the guys and gals that had the guts to be loud and proud about what they enjoyed.  As a firmly closeted horror/mythology/all-around nerd growing up, I was more than a little awed. Next move?  Heading down to spend some quality time with my 6-year-old niece.  Which included watching some My Little Pony (“This is the episode where…”) and Equestria Girls (“…and they’re human, in high school.  I like Twilight Sparkle, Nesie.”)  And you know what?  Didn’t suck.  In fact, it was kinda adorable.  And easy to watch.  Two hours later, I was hooked.

When I got back to Chez Moi, I added Friendship is Magic to the ol’ Netflix queue.  Gotta keep up with the nieces, y’know.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Not because I think Fluttershy is spot on with her love of animals, and Derpy is…well…me. (Muffins are delicious.) Now?  I pop on an episode while I get my morning decaf on.  Or when I’m on the elliptical. Half hour bits of fun that puts a smile on my face every time. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are a hoot — and I’m a sucker for big, round, sparkly Anime Eyes — and the fandom is my kinda fandom.  You know, the kind that doesn’t care how knowledgeable you are about the subject, the fact that you enjoy it is enough.  Sold!  I’m even headed to this year’s Bronycon, though I’m only going to the Friday stuff.  (What? Real Life™ has other plans for me the rest of that weekend. Plus it’ll be a great way to get my feet — hooves? — wet.)

So am I gonna give up zombies, bloodthirsty serial killers, mythology and anime to ‘Pony my life away?  No.  Because I think that someone can be a little bit of everything they like.  Not just one thing, but every bit of all the things.  But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kill for a glitter Derpy from last year’s SDCC.  Just sayin’. Oh, and one last thing:

Bronyseth-green-brony_1 Word to your pony.

* All ap0logies to anypony who reads this an flips a hoof over my language.  But I just gotta be me.  And apparently me = no edit button. Oops.

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