Interstellar at the Hazy

Great fun, and the Interstellar Experience was freaking amazing. I wanted to reach out and grab some of the things floating around in the virtual reality Endurance spaceship, but the nice people said raising my hand would mean I wanted the Experience to stop, and that wasn’t gonna happen.

Is it worth the trip? It’s $15 per car to get into the center (at least til 4 pm; the Experience runs til 11pm though, so maybe it’s free to get in after the museum itself is closed?), and then you’re good to go. So load up a few pals, and you’re golden. If you’re into virtual reality, and seeing bigass movie props.

The kids at the Chantilly High Robotics Club seemed to dig it too, so I’m hoping it’s not just me flipping over anything I don’t understand. Though that’s been known to happen.

The Interstellar Experience runs at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space from 11/6 through 11/20.

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