The stars came out at DC’s premiere of The Theory of Everything

theory wide sheet

I headed down to my ol’ home digs, the Smithsonian Museum of American History — hey, you live your childhood your way; mine was hitting the Mall every chance I got — for the DC premiere of The Theory of Everything.  And it was definitely worth the schlep.  I’ll have a review of the film on opening day (that’d be November 14, 2014), but for now let’s just focus a minute on the red carpet details, shall we?

They even gave us jewelry!  Nice!

They even gave us jewelry! Nice!

Actor Eddie Redmayne, producer/screenwriter Anthony McCarten, and MIT’s David Kaiser walked the carpet, answering questions.  And for folks that are most probably in the post-film PR juggernaut, they were amazingly nice and easy to talk to.  (I know I’d be nodding off and looking as if I had perpetual sheet-face, so I was delighted and more than a little amazed…)

Kaiser praised the film’s “Beauty…in this medium” that “captures the essential collaborative nature” of Hawking’s work.  Meanwhile, Redmayne smiled at his meetings with the real Stephen Hawking, noting the professor’s “humor, his Lord of Misrule” and “mischievous sense of humor” that would inevitably pop up.  (I’m totally jealous of that meeting.)

McCarten said that this project drew him because he likes to “write what you want to know”, which is a fantastic tip for anyone considering a writing career.  Take notes, y’all.  Without spoiling much, I have to say that McCarten did a wonderful job creating an engaging story for film from Jane Hawking’s memoirs.  Want more details on the film itself?  Well, that’d be cheating; catch you next week for that one.  ‘Til then, check out the red carpet/premiere discussion shots!

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