AMC does it again: missed Oscar pics? Best Picture Showcase arrives February 14th and 21st!


I love me some awards shows.  And I love to catch the movies that get tapped for Best Picture.  This year’s crop is a good one too: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash, Birdman, Selma, Boyhood, The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game and American Sniper.  So when I was asked if there’d be a Best Picture marathon this year, I began to snoop the interwebs.  And bingo!  February 14th and 21st at AMC theaters y’all.  Here’s the deets from AMC:

See the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars® and predict the winner like a pro.

We’re splitting the movies into two-consecutive Saturdays, so you can attend one day, or both days. Or, enjoy all the films in one day with the 24-hour marathon in select markets.

So, if you’re busy on Valentine’s Day, get your marathon on on the 21st.  Security Square, Owings Mills and White Marsh will have both the two-day fest and the 24 hour marathon.  Personally, I’m dying to hit DC for the Uptown marathon.  Megascreen!  And also, balcony seats.  Balcony seats rock y’all.  Grab your tickets — and if you’re going on Valentine’s Day, an aisle buddy — and get your Oscar on!

Anyone else just wanna show up to the theater in a onesie, with blanket and pillow?  Just me?

And if there’s any info on the Oscar nominated short films — usually shown at The Charles each year — I’ll letcha know.

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