Romance Review: Ava Miles, Country Heaven

I’m more than just horror and comic books.  I love me a good love story too.  Here’s the quick-n-sometimes-dirty on my latest l’amour!

Country HeavenStory: Tory Simmons works in a diner.  Rye Crenshaw is a famous country singer who needs a new tour cook (and an image makeover).  Can the wholesome but no-nonsense Tory and the bad-boy-with-a-brain Rye make it work?  Um, do you read romance novels honey?

Sexytimes: There’s plenty of nekkid, condoms, and moaning. But nothing particularly blue.  Miles has a steamy way with the smutty side, but keeps things from going into tacky.

Add-ons: recipes!  And ones that look really good, too.  In fact, Miles published a cookbook full of these homey but yummy sounding recipes.

Thoughts: I picked this up as a freebie, and decided to give it a whirl as an after-horror palate cleanser.  I’m not disappointed.  Country Heaven is the start of the Dare River series by Miles, and though you don’t need to know what happened in the prior series, Dare Valley, you’ll probably want to grab those books thanks to Miles’ easygoing, eminently readable style.  Tory and Rye have believable back-stories, and the sub-plots are just as interesting as the will-they-won’t-they of the main duo.  (Probably because a few of these characters are slated for books of their own.)  I had my usual “can’t turn the page fast enough, want this book to last forever” feeling that I get with stories I truly invest in.  I can’t wait to sink into more stories, be it Valley or River.  First one’s always free, huh?  Well played, Miles. I’m hooked.

Grade: A

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