Romance Review: Ava Miles, Nora Roberts Land

Nora Roberts LandStory: Meredith Hale is a journalist still smarting from her divorce from “Rick-the-Dick”.  Tanner McBride is a war correspondent looking for a job.  When Tanner hits the small town of Dare, Colorado, sparks fly between the two.  But Tanner is really on an assignment.  One that could leave Meredith with another broken heart.  Unless those sparks are real?  Of course they are, honey.

Sexytimes: Oh yes ma’am.  As with other Miles stories, there’s just enough 411 to get folks steamed up, but not so much that you feel like a gynocologist.  Bonus points for pointing out how uncomfortable bustier undergarments can be!

Add-ons: None here, unless you count the numerous Nora Roberts book, character and storyline shout-outs.

Thoughts: Diving into this book after reading Country Heaven is a bit of a shock.  Yes, Miles has great characters here too, and a very interesting storyline.  But Nora Roberts Land spends a lot of time introducing the town folks — a few are sure to be future couples for future books — and I wanted more Mere and Tanner.  (And Tanner’s dog. Because c’mon, puppeh!)

Then there are the countless shout-outs to Nora Roberts stories and characters.  Great if you’re well-versed in Roberts’ mythos, but as I’ve never read her (I know. I KNOW), I got pulled out of the story every single time Miles sent out a virtual air-kiss to her favorite author.  I’ll give Miles a bit of slack, as this was the intro to what is now two series — and because things really took off after the halfway point. It wasn’t quite the addiction Country Heaven was for me, but when the storyline kicked into high gear, I was flipping pages as if my life depended on it. Still, I’m hoping for more from the other books in the series. 

Yes, I’ll still read ’em thanks to Miles’ sense of humor, killer storylines, and way with character development. But I have a touch of cautiousness in my heart now.  Just like a romance heroine starting her own story, no?

Hey, wait a minute…

Grade: B+

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