Insidious 3 “Screamiere” finale has fans losing their minds…and their voices!

insidious 3Ever been to a movie that makes you scream? Of course you have; you’re the cool people. From those creepy Channel 7 “4:30 Movie” horror weeks to 80s slashers to the creepiest of indie films, who hasn’t let loose?

Things are amping up at the Insidious 3 screenings though; they were “screamiere” events where folks with the most memorable screams could vie for a walk-on role in a horror film…and the finalists got to check out the INTO THE FURTHER 4D Experience.

Let’s just say things got really creepy, especially for one particular fan.  How do I know?  Well, I’ve got the video down below, check it out.  IF YOU DARE… *cue mad cackling*

(Insidious 3 hits theaters this Friday, June 5th.)

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