Baltimore Screening Pass-palooza: Magic Mike XXL!

Magic Mike XXL onesheetOh stop it.  You know you wanna see this.  EVERYBODY wants to see this.  I worried at first, then I saw this quote from Channing Tatum:

“Just a bunch of naked dudes sitting around doing dude stuff. We read all the message boards, and people were like, ‘Less story. Less plot. Just dudes’ things.’ And we listened to that.”

Yeah, he’s joking.  But I’m betting there’s quite a bit of truth to it.

Then there’s this trailer.  Looks like the boys are having a blast.  I’m betting we all will.  Drool bibs are optional, but highly encouraged y’all.

So.  I’ve got passes.  You want ’em?  Read on, my dears…

What: ADMIT TWO passes for the Baltimore area screening of Magic Mike XXL!

Where: Cinemark Egyptian, Hanover, MD.

When: Wednesday, June 24th, 2015.

Why: Because dancing.  And stuff.

How: Clicky!

REMEMBER: seating for screenings are first-come, first served and not guaranteed.  So get yourself there early to get yourself a seat.

Good luck, everyone!

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