“Until Dawn” trailer lets you choose your own (horror) adventure

until dawn logoGO BACK INSIDE!  DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!  SERIOUSLY, PUT CLOTHES ON BEFORE GOING OUTSIDE!  How many times have you shouted that to a movie or TV screen?  For me, I’ve lost count.  Think you can do better?  Maybe you can…or maybe you’d be fodder just like those hapless Jason machete-dullers.

Playstation’s game Until Dawn (exclusively available on PS4) has come out with a trailer that lets you see how smart you really are.  If there’s a killer in your house, are you going to do what it takes, or will you end up splatterbait?  Only one way to find out y’all.

And thanks to Game Radar for the info!  With the “Butterfly Effect” this game promises, it should be a fun ride.  Though there goes hours of my life I’ll never get back.  Especially if I make the wrong choice…

[NOTE: this trailer does effectively portray horror movie situations. So some folks may get spooked. You have been warned, horror lightweights.]

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