Baltimore Screening Pass-palooza: The Martian!

the martianY’know, Matt Damon stranded on a planet kinda echoes last year’s Interstellar (SPOILER ALERT for the 3 people who haven’t seen that movie yet.)  So while I’m still enjoying the karmic payback his character got in that film, I’m gonna have to seriously reboot for The Martian.  Because here, we want Damon’s Mark Watney to come home.  Luckily, the trailer for the film helps get me into that head space. Plus, they’ve already screened the film in space. “IN YOUR FACE NEIL ARMSTRONG!

So? Ready to take a trip? Right this way…

What: ADMIT TWO passes for the Baltimore area screening of The Martian!

Where: Cinemark Egyptian

When: Tuesday, September 29th, 2015.

Why: In space, nobody can hear you chew popcorn.


REMEMBER: seating for screenings are first come, first served and not guaranteed. So get there early to get yourself a seat!

Good luck, everyone!


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