#BCC2015 Bullet Points: The Marvel Panel!

All this week I’ll be dropping Baltimore Comic-Con knowledge on you.  So let’s get this party started!


Marvel!  Frank Cho, Greg Pak, Charles Soule, Frank Tieri and moderating was former Marvel exec.  And a good time was had by all!

2015-09-26 11.04.04

  • Pak talked a bit about Daredevil, and how there will be a change as the series “skews a bit darker” (but not “relentlessly grim”) in coming issues, and how a new job for our superhero could be “Daredevil Meets Night Court“. He also mentioned Daredevil’s new sidekick Blindspot.  Joke time: “So you gave Daredevil Shortround?” – Frank Cho
  • BTW, Pak didn’t watch Netflix’s Daredevil until he got his own ideas firmly down.  So yeah, I’m dying to see how Pak plays this story out…
  • Tieri talked Black Knight, and how it’ll be “Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad“.  First arc will have the Avengers show up, which I’m sure will have folks clamoring for copies to check out that meetcute.  There will also be a Sin City-esque color palette, not necessarily black/white/red, but limited.  Tieri will also focus on the blade as a “necessary addition”, as “somebody has to wield the blade”…but is that true?  Ooh…
  • Pak also discussed Totally Awesome Hulk, with new Hulk Amadeus Cho who “loves being the Hulk” and how that might cause problems for everyone.  Amadeus sees this as a “huge opportunity”, rather than Banner, who saw it as a curse.

  • Frank Cho is pumped to work on Totally Awesome Hulk.  “Hell yeah…I just wanted to work with Greg!”  Meanwhile, Pak says Cho’s work on this story is so powerful “we could publish the first issue without dialogue” and folks would have no problems following along.  Though Amadeus’ new “kind of a Justin Bieber” hairdo will be a change for some fans, along with the new Hulk gear.  Psst; you’ll learn what/if certain gear items do as the series progresses…
  • Inhumans are “all over the Marvel universe right now”.  Anyone delving into the MCU or the comics can tell you that.  But Uncanny Inhumans and All New Inhumans will have some cool new arcs.  The King and Queen of Attilan will be trying to manage all the new Inhumans after the Terrigen Bomb.  With some choosing good and some choosing evil, I’m sure they’ll have their work cut out for them. And then there’s Medusa’s new relationship with Johnny Storm, which I’m sure will cause plenty of awkward moments (not to mention fun, as Medusa learns to be with someone who actually talks.)  All New will see Crystal leading the pack, and will be more of the “adventure” series, as Uncanny will focus on intrigue.
  • Speaking of Inhumans, now that they’re out and about, is there any interest from the Kree?  And why is Beast on Attilan?  To both queries: “Good question…” – Soule
  • So far, nobody has found a good story to address the what-would-happen possibility of someone with Inhuman DNA and the X gene.  But man, I’ll wait because that sounds like the start of something amazing.
  • And what about Bruce Banner, now that Amadeus is Hulk?  Well the mystery of what Banner is doing will slowly be revealed, as will the question of how Amadeus got this power in the first place.  Stay tuned!

New stuff coming down the pike includes

  • Soule doing more with She Hulk, including an office Christmas party story that I need to get my hands on
  • Plus, there’s a “cool story” coming for the Sub Mariner
  • More Kang!
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