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oct 2 knights of badassdom“My mom made me this mace.”

Story: a group of LARPers get to fight a real demon after mage in the group reads a spell from an old book he picked up on eBay. What’s that company’s policy on hellspawn?

Scares: a few fun man-in-suit bits, and plenty – PLENTY – of grue. Otherwise, it’s more blast than boo.

Splat factor: see above. Guts spill, heads pop off, hearts get ripped out. Y’know, the usual succubus Friday night.

Closing scene “shocker”: absolutely none. But the final shot is pretty sweet.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul): wholly original.

Trick or Treat: like grade-Z monster movies? Like obviously fake but still kickass gore? So do the folks that made this movie. And it manages to poke fun and and tip the hat to the LARP community. A lot of the D&D jokes not only hit home with me, I can remember gaming with folks just like these dudes (and dudettes.)

But as with most horror stories, things shift from fun and games to blood and guts. Think Evil Dead, if that crew were gamers, and they had to deal with just one badass demon. That totally looks like a rubber suit. I have a feeling gamer groups watch this and laugh their asses off, in a good way. A perfect film for when you want gore and laughs, but have OD’d on your usual gore/comedy suspects. This lends itself repeat viewing, especially with your best gamer friends. Huzzah!

Best part? The cast, who are so totally down for some fun. Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, and Ryan Kwanten – how’s that for high power nerdboner power? Danny Pudi (Community), Jimmi Simpson (Newsroom) and Steve Zahn (Treme) round out the talented ensemble. They’re having so much fun, it’s tough to hate on this film. So I won’t. So there.

Score: 4 out of 5 pumpkins. It gets a full pumpkin bump-up for the glorious way it revels in its low budget awesomeness. And also, Dinklage in mail is always a good thing.


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