Oh noes, here goes.

You have no idea who I am but Denise has given me the keys to the kingdom to vent my spleen (her actual words) on whatever nerdery I like. So prepare yourself, I guess. Maybe I’ll take you down the rabbit hole that is the BBW Billionaire Menage genre of romance novels? Because it’s out there!

Definitely, I will be talking about Mariah Carey’s directing debut, because I am the Mariah Carey of Mariah Carey directing debuts. Take that as you will.

A little about me…my name is Kristina irl, I work in academia, basically, if you’ve read Snowcrash, I’m Hiro. Like, literally, a mixed-race army brat who lives on the internet. It’s freaky.

If I had to classify my fangirling into Jeopardy categories, they are as follows: authors whose first names are Neal/Neil, movies with the word Star in them, historical crime bosses (Boss Tweed, Pablo Escobar, Julius Caesar, etc.), cartoons with underage nonviolent protagonists (e.g. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Steven Universe), superhero movies and tv shows, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand um. I’m doing pretty well on Plants v. Zombies right now? I can’t think of a 6th thing. Food? Food is pretty great.

Anyway. What with the news that Lin-Manuel Miranda NOT ONLY is writing the music for the new Disney movie Moana, but ALSO for freaking Star Wars because everyone’s gotta get our generation’s Mozart’s fingers in their pie, I give you this: #Force4Ham and #HamiltonStarWars

How lucky we are, to be alive right now, you guys.

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