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TrailerWatch: Logan

What is even happening, you guys. What are we going to do, as a nation, when Hugh Jackman ages out of this role, I ask you.

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TrailerWatch: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Via Nerdist, we’ve got a sneak peek at the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out next year (ugh), as well as the new poster. Look at baby Groot! Look at how 21 Jump Street they styled this thing! … Continue reading

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#HistoryCrushHumpDay: Alexander Hamilton

I know. I knooooooooow. Done to death. Just so over it. Got it. I totally understand! When I turn on my car and my phone’s plugged in, this song automatically comes on. EVERY SINGLE TIME. FOR LITERALLY A YEAR NOW. … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Rogue One

Per Nerdist, here’s the second trailer, I guess, for Rogue One. I am so here for this movie, I cannot even convey it in words or gifs. Though let’s be honest, this is a Disney movie, so we all know how … Continue reading

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#HistoryCrushHumpDay: Arminius

I admit ENTIRELY that this one is all Tom Hopper’s fault. I was rewatching Black Sails (y’all – it’s pirates! Plus history! And since it’s on Starz there’s tons of sexy sex!) and was like, I need more Billy Bones … Continue reading

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I don’t see any knitted stuff on there though

Per Nerdist, Torrid and Hot Topic are doing a whole Outlander collection. I have thoughts, but mostly, seriously: where are Claire’s baller knitted neck thingies?.

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Oh snap it’s Fraggle Rock

Per Deadline, HBO’s remaking all your childhood shows. Add Fraggle Rock to that list – I swear I remember hearing stuff about it coming back a while ago, but…now it’s real? I gotta be honest, I wasn’t here for that … Continue reading

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Monday Linkdump

This one’s short because it’s a damn holiday. From Nerdist, USPS is coming out with Wonder Woman stamps. YISSSSSSSS. In case you missed it (HOW), Lin-Manuel hosted SNL this past Saturday and murdered the opening monologue. (Ok, I didn’t watch … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Iron Fist

NYCC is the gift that keeps on giving, because the new Iron Fist trailer came out…last night? (I was too busy catching up on The Flash to track exactly when.) But here you go. This year we have certainly suffered from a dearth of … Continue reading

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Blade Runner 2 still happening, I guess

Nerdist has the lowdown. I can’t…really…why. WHY.

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