TrailerWatch: “Doctor Strange” brings strange days indeed

dotor strange teaser onesheetHello Marvel fans!  Ready for the newest entry into the MCU, Doctor Strange?  Well, Jimmy Kimmel dropped the brand-new teaser trailer last night when Benedict Cumberbatch visited.  And this is one groovy trailer. From the car crash that put a whammy on Strange’s career as a neurosurgeon (smashed hands means no more detailed surgery) to a possible peek at Strange’s home, the Sanctum Sanctorum, by way of Inception.  Sweet!

We see Doctor Strange doing his astral projection bit, albeit thanks to an assist from Tilda Swinton’s The Ancient One.  Guessing this is the intro, origin story part of the tale.  Then there’s the (most probable) Big Bad of the film, Dormammu!  Mads Mikkelsen looks amazing in the part, and his intro in the trailer is 100% cool.

Gotta say I was always a fan of the “weird” superheroes.  Aquaman, The Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange, Swamp Thing, Constantine…so I’m loving that Marvel and DC are bringing many of ’em to TV and film.  Cumberbatch looks perfect in the role, and his 1%-er American accent is on point.  Peep the trailer — Doctor Strange projects into theaters November 4th, 2016.  And I couldn’t wish for a better birthday-month present.

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