TrailerWatch: “Sausage Party” goes there, gives zero what squares think

SAPTY_DOM_DIGITAL_12.inddAre you 5 years old?  Do the words “boobies”, “heinie” or “weiner” make you giggle?  ME TOO.

So, Sausage Party.  An animated movie about…food, you pervert.  (But that’s okay; sit next to me, you probably have good stories.)  I’m not sure if this is going to be absolutely freakin’ genius, or a sad attempt at being cool.  But the first trailer showed some pretty good jokes, so I held judgement.

Now with the second trailer, I’m worried.  Why?  Because IT’S THE SAME TRAILER, but with a few extra seconds grafted on here and there.  Is that all the jokes they’ve got?  Apparently so.  And the poster ain’t holding nothin’ back, which makes me wonder if they’re just hoping all the naughty-bits humor will make up for a dud of a script.  A one-idea film?  I’m hoping not.  But sure looks that way, when they’re already recycling trailers and passing ’em off as new.  I do enjoy the new peanut butter and jelly moment though.

Check out the new seconds in this trailer from JoBlo (I’m too unimpressed to waste bandwith uploading it myself.)  Sausage Party limps into hits theaters August 12th, 2016.


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