TrailerWatch: “The Great Wall” film stars two white dudes. Because of course.

The Great Wall onesheetHere we go again y’all. A film about something in Asia gets white leads. Oh honestly. Okay here’s the synopsis:

Set in the Northern Song Dynasty, the story is about mysteries revolving around the Great Wall of China. [Hint: IT’S MONSTERS Y’ALL.]

At around $150 million dollars,  The Great Wall is being called “the largest film ever shot entirely in China.”  And while I get that China wants to increase revenue by making sure this film breaks out of the art house grind here in the states, the trailer looks like the typical “white guy saves the world” kinda story.  And guess what?  His sidekick ain’t asian; it’s Pedro Pascal.  Third billed on IMDb?  Willem Dafoe.  As much as I love me some monsters, I’m sick of whitewashing in general, and putting white leads front and center on films that are otherwise set in/focused on areas where whites are a minority or just didn’t exist at the time/persons of color.

I’m guessing Matt Damon took this foreign film gig because cash money?  Because this Last Samurai BS is getting old.  To quote John Oliver, how is this still a thing?  Right now I’m filing this in the Eyeroll File, next to ScaJo’s whitewashed Ghost in the Shell.  You’re gonna have to give me more to root for, Legendary Pictures. If this is a film about China, maybe give us some Chinese actors up front? With love, your hapa friend.

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