Yet another article about Tim Burton’s garbage stance on diversity


Why is TB trying to ruin The Nightmare Before Christmas for me?

So you are probably aware by now that we need to add Tim Burton to the list of folks that maybe should keep their trap shut when it comes to diversity (or, as per usual, the lack thereof). (If not, here you go.) This horse has been beaten to death for sure, but Dela Doll from the Huffington Post, self-professed Tim Burton fangirl, has written an open letter to Tim Burton, taking him to task for his half-assed defense of the ineffable whiteness in all his movies, not least because his movies are about outsiders, which is a pretty solid definition of where a large percentage of PoC in this country find themselves, racially, socially, and economically.(Are dead things usually white? I’ve only seen dead things on screen.Sometimes they’re, like, purple or green.) I personally, would have been satisfied if he’d said something along the lines of “half my characters are dead! Dead things are usually white!” That’s still a garbage excuse, but it’s miles better than “things call for things or they don’t”. I guess that makes me a thing, because I’m calling for diversity in the TV shows and movies that I watch.
It’s an honestly devastating read – obviously, everyone’s fave is going to be problematic in some way or another, but the sense of betrayal in her letter feels more important than any problems I might have with his comments, because his movies were so crucial in her recovery from a suicide attempt. And she can’t be the only one. So really, when Tim Burton makes the kinds of movies he does, but then says shit like this, what he’s really saying is, there is no reason why you should identify with them. These movies were never meant for you, black and brown people.

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