Con News: Ingrid Oliver joins (Re)Generation Who 3

regen-petronellaGetting ready for the holidays? Of course. Getting ready for a brand new year of Con Season?  Why not?  Because right now I’ve got some info on next year’s (Re)Generation Who 3 – Petronella Osgood will be in the house!  No, I’m not exactly sure if she’s herself or her Zygon clone, but who cares?

Okay, fine.  It’s really Ingrid Oliver, but her work as Osgood on Doctor Who is absolutely fantastic.  (As is her taste in scarves…)  Oliver joins an already stellar list, including Karen Gillian, Sylvester McCoy, for next year’s Who’s Who of Whodom.  And knowing this ‘con, that’s only a start of who’ll be (“Who”‘ll be?  FINE I’LL STOP) there…

Read on for the full 411 from the ReGen team!

Hello Regenerators!

(Re)Generation Who 3 Has announced more guests to appear at the event happening this March 24-26th 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ingrid Oliver, who plays Petronella Osgood, will be joining our already great actor guest line up of Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Michelle Gomez (Missy / The Master), Katy Manning (Third Doctor Companion Jo), and Peter Purves (First Doctor Companion Steven). Ingrid will be at the event on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th for autographs and photo ops, and appear on panels.

You can pre-purchase many of the Autographs and Photo Ops from our actor guests online through our registration form. (if you’ve already registered you can return and simply select “none” for registration type and add on pre-purchases to your existing registration).

In addition to Ingrid, we’ve also signed a range of writers and creators to the event as well–including Paul Magrs, George Mann, Robert Shearman, and many others. These guys, plus many others, will be at our “Coffee With The Creators” special event, which can be added onto your registration.

Hotel rooms and parking information are all up on our site on our location page . You can find information on our great con room rate of $135 per night, as well as information on how to get discounted parking all around our event hotel. You’ll want to get your hotel room soon though, we’re over 85% full on our con block, which we’ve already had to expand 3 times.

If you haven’t registered yet you can register for the event at our pre-reg discount of $80 for the full weekend. Do that at our registration page here. We have our artist created TARDIS inspired lamp, Con T-shirts, Special Events, and other items up there as well–but some have limited quantities available, so reserve one now to make sure you get it.

Regen 3 is growing and will be the biggest and best event we’ve ever run, and we hope to see you there again this year.

Thank you! -Oni and Harknell and the entire Onezumi Events team

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