Con News: Awesome Con presents…Pride Alley! #LGBTQPride

Awesome Con just keeps giving its fans – as well as their creators and guests – better and better things.  This time? A spotlight on “queer creators and fans”, as well as a way to consolidate LGBTQ ‘con stuff, so nobody has to miss a thing.  The DC area has an amazing, wonderful, awesome nerd community, and LGBTQ community.  So why not give to those that happen to share both types of awesomeness?  Right?  RIGHT!

And if you – yes, YOU – have any ideas, or want to participate in a Pride Alley table?  Give ’em a shout, why don’cha?

Read on for the full deets – and see you at Awesome Con!


Awesome Con is proud to partner with Geeks OUT to present the first ever Pride Alley in 2017!

A spotlight on queer creators and fans, Pride Alley will unite the LGBTQ activities around Awesome Con with a dedicated section of Artist Alley and three days of panels and special events.

Awesome Con is proud of all of our fans, guests, exhibitors, and artists – and as we started to build this year’s event, we wanted to do more and create a bigger platform to better celebrate and educate DC’s LGBTQ community. This is important to us and who we want to be.

Wanna take part? Pride Alley’s table and panel submissions are open now!

More Information About Pride Alley


District Trivia, Penn Social, and Awesome Con with the help of Landmark Theatres have teamed up to bring you Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia Night! The trivia will be all about Marvel’s movies, and the top team will head home with a cash prize!

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