TrailerWatch: “Thor: Ragnarok” gets cool…and comic. KEWL!

And I mean “comic” in more than the ha-ha term.  Though there seems to be a lot more levity in Ragnarok than there’s been in prior films. Peep that helmet!  That’s the helm that launched a thousand cosplayers, my friends.

Why the tonal facelift? Well, I can only think of one reason; Ragnarok comes out in November, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters next month. So? I’m betting there’s an end-credits tidbit in GG2 with Thor running into our favorite band of interstellar misfits (and also Groot.) Placing my bets right this minute.

Check it: even the title font for Ragnarok is a trippy 70s flashback.  Remind you of anything? And hello Led Zep as the trailer soundtrack.  Could Star Lord’s musical predilections have rubbed off on the God of Thunder?  Only time will tell…

But right now, I’m just happy that Loki has finally washed his hair.  Dude, I know you’re the God of Chaos, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around like every day’s the day before you get your shampoo on.  And with Thor’s new short ‘do, you’re the hair heir apparent.  Make him proud.

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