TrailerWatch: “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” gives us aliens, punks, and of course – punk aliens!

I’ve heard about this movie thanks to the seemingly nonstop schedule Nicole Kidman has at Cannes this year.  But now that I’ve seen these trailers, I’m dying to see more.  Synopsis!

A funny and unique love story, How to Talk to Girls at Parties focuses on Enn, a shy teenage punk rocker in 1970s suburban London, and his two closest friends, Vic and John.  One night they all sneak into a party where they meet a group of intensely attractive, otherworldly girls; at first they think they’re from a cult, but eventually come to realize the girls are literally from another world—outer space. Starring Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Wilson, and Matt Lucas. Directed by John Cameron Mitchell

Oh, and did I mention that this film is based on the 2006 short story by Neil Gaiman?  The one that won the Locus Award for Best Short Story in 2007?  YEAH I’M IN.

Let’s hope How to Talk to Girls at Parties lands in our neighborhood multiplex very, VERY soon!

(Sorry for the linkdump below; apparently WordPress hates Facebook embeds…but clicky on ’em for the full-screen trailers.  Trust me, you’ll want to see ’em!)

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