Baltimore Comic-Con: Friday wrap-up!

It was a lovely, laid-back day at Baltimore Comic-con.  Sure, there were lines to get in to some panels (hello my fellow Frank Miller fans) but generally the day went as first days typically go; not as crowded as high-time Saturdays, with many people coming in either later in the afternoon/early evening, or just getting in and gearing up for tomorrow’s onslaught.  But there was plenty to see and do!

First things first; if you’re hitting BCC on a Friday, then congratulations; you’re officially part of the smart crowd (or the smart and lucky crowd, depending on your work schedule.)  Because Friday’s the day to head down to score all the merch you want without having to seriously wonder if there’s enough oxygen for everyone crowding around to spend all the monies.  Yes, the line to chat with/get autographs from some of the big name folks were still long, but it’s so much easier to get your spend on before the weekend “officially” commences.  

Then there’s the panels.  Me?  I hit two, and then headed home so I wouldn’t re-start my coughing.  (I’m finally in the clear, but still wiped from beating down the plague from last Sunday to this Thursday.)  Both panels were absolutely awesome, and if you weren’t there?  You wish you were.  You don’t know it, but you really do.

First?  “How to Kill Zombies” with Brad Hudson & Peter Meredith.  Brad is an artist that works on, among other things, the Topps brand “The Walking Dead” cards.  Peter is a writer of genre novels, many of which deal with a post-apocalypse setting, and/or zombies.  When Brad was asked how he created cards for Topps, he said he “doesn’t get to make a lot of stuff up”, but instead gets a list of characters.  And those likenesses have got to be “tight”, because the actors portraying those characters get approval.  (As someone who can barely draw a stick figure correctly, I’m amazed that he’s able to create such amazing cards, and with those guidelines!)

Then Brad and Peter launched into their main event; how does one kill a zombie, anyway?  According to Peter, “There doesn’t seem to be many smart ways to kill zombies.”  But he does admit there are “lots of stupid ways!”  Which lead to a spirited conversation between the panelists and the audience discussing everything from Army of Darkness – chainsaw is a stupid way because as Paul noted, “flesh’ll get caught up in there” with Brad adding “you’ve got to prime it” – to medieval armament and how a good mace never hurt in the zombie apocalypse.  From “fast zombies” to “shufflers”, best weapon (a nice .22 perhaps, or maybe a flamethrower?) to worst (probably the records in Shaun of the Dead, though they were cool) a lot of ideas were discussed.  And let’s not forget the threat of “splatter” with items that can cause massive destruction.  You don’t want to infect yourself, you want to stay alive, amirite?

Next up for Brad are cards for The Walking Dead: Evolution (which will allow him more creativity) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  For Peter?  He’s working on “LitRPG right now”, and gotta admit I enjoy those role-play stories.  Roll 20 for damages y’all!

The other panel I hit was the “Frank Miller Spotlight”, which starred the man himself (naturally), Klaus Janson (who’s worked with Miller many times over the years), and moderator Dan DiDio (co-publisher of DC Comics).  While I was sad that there were no photos allowed during the panel, Miller was an amazing guest.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on his latest project, Superman: Year One.  Why?  Well, because MILLER, because Batman: Year One was amazing, and because Miller hinted at some really awesome ideas in this new graphic novel.  He’s said that while “everything’s different”, both long-time fans of the Caped Crusader and absolute n00bs will both find a lot to enjoy, without feeling left out.  “As it was with Batman: Year One” there’ll be a “streamlined mythology” in order to “move away all that’s accumulated.”  Why?  Simple: Miller said, “You can lose the essence” of the character after so many decades, and so many stories.  Miller says that Superman: Year One will be his way of saying “Superman’s cool; here’s why.”  Sir, I cannot wait to find out.

Annnd that’s a wrap for me on Friday!  Tomorrow?  Baltimore celebrates “Batman Day” with a Harley Quinn takeover (and you know that means Palmiotti & Conner!) And so much more that I can’t list ’em here right now, because I’ll literally have to flip a coin as to what I’ll ultimately be getting to.  So much choice!  So much fun!  See you tomorrow?  Hope so!  ‘Til then, enjoy the AFan Cosplay Favorites for Friday…

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