Vid of the Day: “Divine Bovine” by Gunnar Madsen!

I love cows.  They give us cheese.  They’re content with hanging out in a field, noshing on green grass. They’re kinda awesome.  (Unless they have guns.)

I also love music. Who doesn’t? So when I heard that Gunnar Madsen wrote a song called “Divine Bovine”, I had to dig in. Gunnar’s singing protagonist is a dairy cow, and she gives you a peek at her life down on the farm.

Now, this song (and the entire album it’s on, I Am Your Food) is for kids, but I have to admit I got sucked into this song big time. This is a song folks with little ones won’t want to kill themselves after hearing nineteen zillion times (the average number of times a child wants to listen to a song s/he likes)…in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if families sang this together in the car.  Or in the bath.  Or kitchen.  Or, best yet, on their next trip to a farm.  When in Rome!

“Milk milk, moo moo!”  Your earworm for the day.  YOU’RE WELCOME Y’ALL. Have a wonderful weekend.  And don’t let it bother you.  Be like Cow.

[A review of the whole album is coming down the pike over on The Green Man Review. Of course it’ll be cross-posted here. Keep your bananas peeled!  #seewhatididthere #okayillstop]

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