#29RoomsDC – an immersive, enlightening, awesome experience

I had the opportunity to hit the VIP launch of 29Rooms DC Friday night. What’s that? Well, I talked about 29Rooms briefly last month, but nothing prepared me for the experience. I walked in, and it’s a LOT. There’s a whole lot going on, and I was immersed in colors and sound the moment I stepped in. The DJs spun an incredible mix of old school R&B and new indie grooves, which kept the mood light – and I even saw folks dancing in and around the rooms. It was a wonderful vibe. 

But what I really loved was the combination of different types of art all used to promote activism and awareness. From talking to your inner child and hanging out in a teenager’s room (where was my faux fur dresser though – my teenage self feels cheated) to pledging to help address equal rights courtesy of the ACLU, there was a whole lot to really think about as all the bright colors and lively music passed over me.

You can walk into 29Rooms all for the ‘Gram, and you’ll be happy with the multitude of opportunities to snap quality social media pics. Dig deeper though, and you’ll find a world where art, beauty, love and positive change meet to create something wonderful. I could see it everywhere I looked; on the faces of my fellow ‘Roomers, in the creativity of the artists, and heck, even the staff looked genuinely stoked to spread the goodwill.

Wanna go? Yeah you do. So grab a few friends – tickets are cheaper if you’re a party of three or more – and plan a time. Do it quick though, as dates are selling out. I’m not surprised at that. Not one bit.

Here, have some pics I took. They’re not great, but I felt a bit of a cheat at the thought of nabbing the (much better) Getty shots. And of course the dork on the top of the staircase is yours truly. I loved that staircase.

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