Where to watch this year’s #OscarShorts (if you can’t get to a theater)

Though I strongly urge you to try and catch these films on the big screen, as this year’s nominees are a particularly amazing collection, I get that not everyone has the time.Luckily, Refinery29 has you covered, collecting most of the noms available for viewing into a great list.Me? A taste of my thoughts, after catching them during the Cinemark Oscar Showcase…LIVE ACTION- Brotherhood = poignant, moving, and a look at lives of Muslims that we seldom see. Required viewing, not just because of the three redheaded brothers’ adorable bond.- Nefta Football Club = Funny, suspenseful, with an ending that’ll have you praising the writers of this look at Tunisian brothers getting by.- The Neighbors’ Window = I want to crow about this moving film, but it’s best if you walk in knowing nothing. Much like the NYC couple who find they’ve got new, free spirited, window-view neighbors.- Saria = Sadly you won’t be able to see this powerful film before Sunday’s Oscars unless you hit a theater. But damn it’s a heartbreaking look a children in Guatemalan orphanages.- A Sister = Perhaps my fa of the bunch, though with every nominee an incredible experience, it’s by a very slim margin. A woman who’s on the road calls her sister… And that’s all I’m gonna say. As with Window, go in knowing as little as possible.ANIMATED- Dcera (Daughter) = Magical realism blends well with stop motion paper mache in this story of a girl and her father who struggle to connect.- Hair Love = Adorable and uplifting, this sweet tale of father daughter bonding is simply beautiful. No, YOU’RE CRYING.- Kitbull = My favorite all last year (until I saw Hair Love, and now I’m torn), this kitten-meets-dog film will break your heart, then mend it.- Memorable = WHOA. A man struggles with dementia after being with the love of his life for decades. Gorgeously surreal, and slyly humorous.- Sister = Another surreal animated film, but all is not what it seems. Are there any tissues left? I have something in my eye…Sadly, I didn’t get to see the documentary shorts yet, but I will. So they’re yours to discover. Go forth and watch. And thank you Refinery29!https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/01/9315174/oscars-shorts-where-to-stream-2020

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