Streaming News – IndieWire looks at how the problematic film “The Help” is trending, offers other films to stream

If you’re interested in watching films that are made by/star people of color, there are great films out there…and ones that may have great stars but aren’t great messages. Indiewire has interviewed critics and creators, gathering together a bunch of great films to choose from. So try a few you haven’t seen yet! Perhaps a few from the Criterion Collection, while they’re free to stream?

I’d like to add Shudder’s Horror Noire to this list; it’s a fantastic look at films that need more love, as well as the history of black horror cinema. Definitely check it out if you can. (I believe they have a 30 day free trial. Just a thought.)

From the article:

‘Perez worried that a surge in popularity for “The Help” would extend to other “racial reconciliation” films like the Sandra Bullock-starring “The Blind Side.” The writer added, “Do not watch the fucking ‘Help’ right now…literally anything but ‘The Help,’” and offered better Netflix streaming options for the current moment including three Ava DuVernay projects: The Oscar nominated documentary “13TH,” Best Picture nominee “Selma,” and Emmy winner “When They See Us.”’

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