Elsewhere Review – Specially Selected Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

Originally posted over at The Green Man Review!

Olives. Mmm, olives. There isn’t an olive I don’t love. From tangy Moroccan lemon-cured to tiny French dry-cured, I love them, pits and all. Nowadays I can’t get to my favorite Greek grocery for a fun mix of flavor, but Aldi stepped up their olive game by coming out with olives stuffed with blue cheese. Once again, I’m in love. 

These green drops of heaven came out at the same time Aldi debuted their jalapeno and garlic stuffed olives…but if you’re ever lucky enough to stumble upon these flavors, notice something? Yeah. The blue cheese ones are typically gone, or low in supply. That’s because folks like me who are in the know have already snagged ‘em. #sorrynotsorry Not that I dislike the other two flavors, but I do have a type. And that type is cheesy. 

The photo is a bit misleading, however. Any time I’ve picked up a jar, there’s a cloudy tinge to the liquid, thanks to the cheese getting a bit too friendly with the brine, causing a slight breakdown. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of cheese in each olive. But there’s also cheese in the liquid. Like a dirty martini? Try adding some of this cloudy magic to your vodka or gin. You are most welcome. 

As for the olives themselves, they’re surprisingly less salty than I’d expected. Brine and cheese would typically make for a pucker-inducing tang, but these are mellow. There’s a smooth umami taste to these bites, which makes it hard to stop at just one or two. These olives are made in Greece, and obviously the folks packing them know what they’re doing. The blend of salt, cheese, and olive are perfect. 

As I’ve mentioned, these help make a fantastic martini; don’t forget to save that precious liquid, even after the olives have gone.  But these yummy treats also go great with cheese sandwiches, or a charcuterie board if you’re still at the “I’m making lockdown fancy!” phase of quarantine. (Me? I’ve stopped wearing pants. But do you.) Bon appétit! 

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